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Why did the US become an isolationist nation?

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they didn't want to be involved in other country's affairs and thought they were being nosy.

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US foreign policy varies with the course of the nation and conditions in the world. Sometimes the US has been isolationist- sometimes it tries to police the world. You must give a date if you want a more definitive answer.

It went from a great power to an isolationist nation, much like Japan

Cuba is NOT part of the US. It is a separate nation.

Declaration of Independence 1776.

We claimed independance from the british.

never <><><> It is a Commonwealth of the US- not a separate nation, it's "part and NOT part" of the US. They can also be called an island/commonwealth nation, but not a soviergn/independent nation.

Just a few, the US has changed in that is has stopped being isolationist, gotten rid of slavery, and has become a world power.

To stay out of European affairs.

The US stopped pursuing an isolationist foreign policy after it was dragged into World War 2 and found itself a major power.

The Cherokee nation became citizen's of The USA in 1901

The isolationist policies of the United States lead to a economic downfall. After World War 2 the US was able to climb out of the rigid foreign policies to international markets.

Thomas Jefferson was an isolationist. He did not want to enter into agreements with other countries, but felt the US was best served by keeping its distance.

The foreign policy at the time was isolationist.

1789 with the passage of the constitution and the selection of Washington.

The rest of the nation felt sorry for them.

At the beginning of World War I, the US assumed an isolationist policy which basically means that we refused to get involved. While remaining isolationist, the US tried to get the other countries involved to declare peace.

the US become an Independent Country on July 4th 1776.

because the mounting apprehension of Adolph Hitler was boiling and the united states did not want another war anytime soon

The United States become an independent nation after the colonists fought religious freedom against the british.

Despite its isolationist position in the 1920s, the US government actively intervened in European affairs in terms of international finance. The US intervened in terms of reparations as well.