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The Battle of Caporetto happened as a demonstration of how effective it was to use stormtroopers. It also was a way for the army to show off the infiltration tactics that were developed by Oskar von Hutier.

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Q: Why did the battle of caporetto happen?
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When did Battle of Caporetto happen?

Battle of Caporetto happened on 19-10-24.

Was the battle of caporetto fought in trenches or open fields?

I did a report on the Battle of Caporetto and I found nothing on if they fought in trenches or open fields.

Battle of caporetto?

small battle (the 12th one) during the battle of Isonzo..........

Who won the battle of caporetto?

That's Hitler bro

How many Central Powers casualties were there at the Battle of Caporetto?

At the battle of Caporetto, the Central Powers had 20,000 casualties, while the Italian forces of the Allies had over 300,000 casualties! (That's a lot of casualties!)

What has the author Orio Di Brazzano written?

Orio Di Brazzano has written: 'Caporetto' -- subject(s): Caporetto, Battle of, Kobarid, Slovenia, 1917, Isonzo, Battle of the, 1915-1917, History

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Who was Italy alligned with World War 1?

Britain, France, Russia & the US. There was fighting in NE Italy along the Isonzo river. Caporetto is a notable battle.

What were some of Austria-Hungary's biggest battles in World War 1?

the invasion of Serbia as well as all the battles of Isonzo especially the battle of caporetto

What weapons were used in the battle of caporetto?

they hit each other with whatever they could find ex. bananas, carcasses of dead rodents and iPads... because they had those in 1917

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