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Q: Why did the british collect taxes?
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Why did the British want to collect taxes from the American colonists?


What does power to lay and collect taxes mean?

To lay and collect taxes is to impose a specific amount the taxes are, and to collect taxes is to literally collect the taxes from people.

How did the Pharaohs collect taxes?

the Pharaoh didn't collect taxes his servants did

Was there any additional British motivation in passing the Townshend Acts?

The British was motivated in passing the Townshend Acts to collect taxes owed. They also wanted to punish the colonists.

Why do governments collect taxes?

Governments collect taxes to be able to afford programs and a system of defense.

What did German leaders want during the Reformation?

to collect their own taxes

What is the power to create and collect taxes in the United States?

What is the power to create and collect taxes in the U.S

What things dose the government collect income taxes?

Why dose the government collect income taxes

Does Russia collect taxes?

Yes, Russia collect taxes from businesses, from natural persons (individuals). Read more about the taxes and rate of taxes here:

Who has the power to collect money raise armies collect taxes?


Do states collect taxes?


Can counties collect local sales taxes in place of state sales taxes?

It would depend on your state law. But in most places, counties collect sales taxes in addition to state sales taxes.