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As identification. There had to be some means of identifying them and where they were to go.

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Can you say the children had the hair at the napes of their necks trimmed?

The correct answer is to say "the children had their nape hair trimmed."

How would Darwin explain why giraffes have long necks?

Darwin's explanation of Giraffes having long necks would involve the longest-necked giraffes surviving, and then their children exhibiting more survival-important characteristics. This is in contrast to Lamarck's explanation, where the giraffes stretch their necks as they reach for higher leaves, and this characteristic being passed down because it had changed in the parent. Modern biology easily disproved Lamarck's idea of changed traits being inherited.

Why did slaves wear head covers?

to protect there necks and heads from being sunburned

Do koalas have necks?

yes koalas do have necks

Why do flamingos have long necks?

Flamingo's have long necks because they use it for fighting enemy's by swinging their necks.

How many necks does Ravana have?

Ravana has 10 necks

Do dolphins have necks?

Yes. Dolphins have short stiff necks.

Who sings long necks and red necks?

Johnny storm

What did rich Tudor children wear?

Children wore mini versions of adults and boys wore girl's clothes until they were 9. They wore heavy satins and ruffed necks.

Explain how giraffes have evolved with long necks?

The ancestors of giraffes really had short necks. When they reproduced, some of their children were mutated to have longer necks. The mutated giraffes could reach the trees to eat so ,overtime, the population of normal giraffes decreased and the population of mutated giraffes increased. - Not true. There are many scientific sites on the internet disproving this theory. They probably evolved long necks to fight against other giraffes.

Why do giraffes have hair on there necks?

Giraffes might have hair on their necks to protect their necks from the cold. Im not sure if this is true. Hope this helps!!

Does elephants have necks?

yes i am very sure elephants have necks lol.

What is the duration of Up to our Necks?

The duration of Up to our Necks is 1.08 hours.

What do male giraffes use their necks for other than eating?

using it as a ladder to help little children save their kitty cats

Did long necks swim?

Sauropods didn't, but plesiosaurs did. Both had long necks

Do alligators have necks?

Yes they have necks, to lift their head. yes they have necks called valves it allows it to submerge it into water so no water will enter their lungs

What are the properties of bolt on necks set neck and through necks?

bolt on necks are cheaper than set necks, and set necks are cheaper, than neck through. bolt on necks have less sustain but are cheap and easy to repair. set necks have more sustain, are expensive and harder to repair than bolt-on. neck through has more sustain than set neck but is more expensive and harder to repair than set neck.

How many Chicken Necks are there needed to make 1 kilograms worth?

The average chicken neck seems to run 2 ounces, ut the problem is, they very rarely are average. Your supplier of chicken necks may run larger or smaller. That being said, it would take 17.6 necks at 2 ounces each to make a kilo.

Why do roosters stretch their necks when they crow?

Roosters can not crow if they can't fully extend their necks.

Why do people have necks?

imagine people without necks..... they will turn their wholebody they look around

Is that true if the giraffes have shorter necks they will die out?

giraffe's with shorter necks died from starvation

How are giraffe long necks adapted to their life style?

they use their necks to get leaves from trees

How long do giraffs necks grow?

Giraff's necks grow to be about 5ft to 10ft long.

Why did giraffes have short necks?

They do not have short necks. They have very long necks. compared to their body size they have short necks because when they try to drink water they have to spread out their legs to reach water so they could be attacked and if they were they would be very vulnerable.

Do cats like being scratch by their necks?

of course they love it, do it gently though not too rough i have a cat and he enjoys it alot :)

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