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They used mummification to preserve the deseased body so that the soul was capable of moving on to the afterlife. The hot sand of the desert would dry out the body and the deseased wasn't able to make their way into the afterlife.
Egyptians believed that the human soul was connected to their hearts. So they wanted to protect it and preserve the dead.

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Q: Why did the egyptians use the mummification process?
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Why did the egyptains use the mummification process?

Egyptians used the mummification process to preserve dead bodies. A mummification was very expensive, therefore, normally only royalty could afford it.

Who was involved in the mummification process?

The egyptians, summarians.

Where did the Egyptians do the Mummification process?

i believe they would do it any where

Use mummy in a sentence?

Okay, 'The ancient Egyptians used the mummification process to create a mummy."

Why did the Egyptians use the mummification process for the dead?

It was their custom. They believed that they needed to preserve the body to get to the afterlife.

Why did the Egyptians not remove the heart in the mummification process and why why did the Egyptians not take out the heart in the mummification process and why?

The heart was kept in to be weighed in the afterlife.It was the only internal organ that was not removed.

What is good sentence about mummification?

The mummification process is not quite complete.

Why was the molten resins used in mummification?

Ancient Egyptians would use molten resin to stuff this material in the mummy's body during the process of mummification.

What was used to stuff Egyptians nostrils?

The substance that was used by Ancient Egyptians in the mummification process was beeswax.

What did the Egyptians do after the mummification process was completed?

they put them on a boat an went to the underworld

What was the name of the process the Egyptians used to preserve their bodies?

Mummification or Embalming.

Who used the process known as mummification?

egyptians and even native americans

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