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Q: Why did the framers explicitly grant the powers of currency borrowing and bankruptcy to congress?
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Why did the framers gives Congress the power to issue currency?

The framers believed that giving Congress power of currency was the best idea because Congress member were elected directly by the people.

Why was America in debt after 1783?

The obvious reason for the debt in 1790 was the expense of the Revolutionary War. The Continental Congress did not have the machinery set up to levy and collect taxes, so the war had to be financed by borrowing and issuing paper money that was not backed by gold or hard currency.

What does currency allow congress to do?

court can pass by congress to be uncontitutional

What is the currency power?

The currency power is one of the powers given to Congress in the United States government. Congress has the power to coin money and authorizes the Treasury to print a standard form of currency.

What are the advantages of a stable currency?

Advantages of a stable currency can include lower borrowing costs and low inflation. A better economy and more investing are other advantages of stable currency. Stability creates confidence. It also allows for better planing as the problem of widely fluctuations in these markets keeps investors away leading to the possibility of even more instability. It's not always clear why this can lower borrowing costs.

What did the newly formed states give the continental congress the power to do?

issue a national currency

What was the national currency called that congress made in 1862 called in?


What executive department is responsible for producing currency borrowing money and managing public debt?

The Department Of Treasury

What paper pocket change was first authorized by Congress in the 1860?

Postal currency ;)

The most notable accomplishments of the Confederation Congress resulted in the?

establishment of a stable currency

What was the currency that the continental congress during the Revolutionary War that was not blacked by gold and silver?

The dollar

What was it in the 1860's Congress authorized the use of postage stamps for change?

postal currency