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Q: Why did the ideas of charies Darwin cause controversy?
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Why did ideas of Charles Darwin cause controversy?

Darwin's theory of evolution contradicts the literal interpretation of creation as taken from The Bible

What is polemico in Spanish?

Polémico (a), adj.Dícese de aquello que pudiere causar controversia o choque de ideas =Tells of that which may cause controversy or conflict of ideas (polemic).

How did some thinkers use the ideas of Charles Darwin?

Darwin's ideas have helped scientist make sense of life in the world.

Why did Charles Darwin's ideas not get published?

They did

What was Charles Darwin's ideas?


What was Darwin ideas?

the theory of evolution

The Industrial Revolution was perhaps the major cause of modernism What else was a major initial contributor?

The writings and ideas of Freud, Darwin, Einstein, and Marx

What was Charles Darwin's ideas titled?


Who was famous for his ideas on evolution?

Charles Darwin

How did The Ideas Of Artificially Selection Contributed To Darwin's Ideas On Natural Selection?


Was Darwin influenced by Mendels ideas about genetics?

No, Darwin knew nothing about Mendel's ideas and work. His, Darwin's, heritability concept was absolutely wrong. There is a legend that Darwin had a copy of Mendel's work in his desk but could not read German. The veracity of this story is often challenged.

Approximately when did Mendel and Darwin develop their ideas?

They developed their ideas around the year 1850.