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The women could not by silk stockings. They would use a pencil to make the line on the back of their legs to make it look like the line from the silk stockings. The painting was done by the lesser moral gals.

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Q: Why did the ladies paint their legs in world war 2?
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Stayed in the kitchen.

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Was clothing ever rationed in history and if so when?

WORLD WAR TWO! Women would paint lines on their legs to make it look like they were wearing nylon stockings, nylon was being rationed for use in war. (parachutes, etc.)

Did woman work during World War 2?

because the men were at war so the ladies had to do there job

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Why did women in World War 2 draw lines on the back of their legs with eyeliner?

In World War 2, women drew lines on the back of their legs with an eyeliner to simulate the stocking seams. Silk stockings during the Second World War was hard to come by.

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