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You likely wired it wrong. Not sure what you mean by "fizzle out".

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โˆ™ 2011-05-21 01:58:02
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Q: Why did the new light fixture fizzle out when you wired it?
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What if the new light fixture has 2 black wires and no white wire?

lights can be wired any way round, there is no positive or negative

How do you replace a light fixture?

Take the old one down and install the new one exactly the same way as the old one was wired.

Can you convert fluorescent tube fixture to accept a led light?

No, the fixtures do not have anything is common other that emitting light. If you are talking about removing the fluorescent fixture and installing a new fixture that can take a LED lamp then the answer is yes.

Troubleshooting 40 year old outside wiring to light fixture?


How do you wire your new fixture if your old light fixture has a black wire connected to a red wire and a red wire connected to a white wire?

If it is a simple light fixture it does not meter - the light-bulb is a simple element of a chain that can be connected both ways.

Can you give a me a sentence with the word fixture in it?

The light fixture was hanging from the ceiling, lighting the entire room. The football fixture was moved to a new date and venue because of the statium fire.

When connecting a ceiling fan in an old home and the existing light is wired black to white and white to black what should you do?

At that point, you should verify the home wiring; make certain that the black wire IS, in fact, the "hot" wire and that the white wire IS in fact the neutral. If the house is wired properly, connect the new fixture with "black to black and white to white." If you aren't certain that the house wiring was done properly, contact a local electrician to perform the work for you. Connecting a light fixture improperly can be dangerous to you and to anyone who subsequently changes a bulb or otherwise comes in contact with the fixture.

Can a rear parking light fixture be replaced without replacing the rear bumper?

yes it can!! go under your car to wear you see the wires to the light and undo the wires and take the light out then put and wire a new light fixture

Why wont the interior light come on in my 2004 dodgedurango?

it is obviously broken. you'll need a new light fixture

How can you get more light from a fixture that will only allow 40 watt bulbs?

You can't. All you can do is install a new fixture that will allow higher wattage lamps.

How can I switch the light fixtures in my bathroom?

Switching a light fixture requires the following steps. First, remove the old fixture. Second, you must disconnect the wiring. Third, a junction box must be installed. Finally, a new fixture must be installed. Detailed instructions can be found here:

Is it possible to convert a 277 volt light fixture to a 110 volt light fixture by changing the ballast?

If you are talking about a fluorescent fixture then yes it can be done. As for the cost factor it wouldn't be worth it. To buy a new replacement 120 volt ballast separately would be equal to or higher that getting a whole new 120 volt fixture. Do a price comparison before going ahead and making a change to the 277 volt fixture.

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