Why did the temperature start to rise at the center of the solar nebula?


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When a gas contracts, its temperature will increase. In this case, the gas contracts due to the gravitation.

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Clouds of gas and dust, probably forming part of an earlier nebula

So 1st there was a big mass cloud of dust, gas and debris called a nebula 4.6 Billion years ago. Then a nearby star exploded. Thats called a Supernova. The force of the explosion caused the nebula to start "spinning." Everything starting crashing into each other. The collision between the material cause much of the materials to "glue" together. Eventually, 99% of all the mass from the Nebula became the center, which is our Sun. While everything else, the 1% became the celestial bodies like the planets, stars, moons, etc.

Gravity pulled pieces from the Solar Nebula together causing the hydrogen and helium atoms to start nuclear fusion which eventually created the sun.

a nebula is the cloud of radioactive material dust smoke and debris caused by an exploding start, a nebula happens after a nova or super nova..and somtimes the collapse of a start causes black holes too in which case you wont see a nebula because the massive amount of gravity in the black holes sucks everything in, but yes a nebula is the cloud left over from an exploding star

Before, the solar system was just a stable nebula, until suddenly it becomes unstable (maybe because of a supernova). As the nebula rotates, the center is getting clumped together to form the sun, and the rest of the nebula becomes flat (due to its rotation) and turn into a planetary disk. Rocks will clump together, making their gravity stronger, thus pulling more rocks, making their gravity even stronger, until it becomes a planet and when the planetary disk is blown away by the newborn sun.

Nebula -> Protostar -> intermediate mass start -> red giant -> planetary nebula -> white dwarf -> black dwarf

Somewhere around that temperature, nuclear fusion will start.

During the Red Giant stage, all the hydrogen of the star will be used up and helium will start to fuse. Because helium burning reactions are extremely sensitive to temperature, this causes great instability. Massive pulsations build up, which eventually causes the outer layers to be ejected, potentially forming a planetary nebula. At the center of the nebula remains the core of the star, which will cool down to become a white dwarf.

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Stars start as enormous clouds of gas. These clouds of gas are often called nebula. When gravity causes the gas to start condensing they collapse into stars. This is usually triggered by an outside event, such as the shock wave of another star going supernova hitting the nebula, causing the gasses to compress.

The solar system was previously a cloud of interstellar gas.

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