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When a gas contracts, its temperature will increase. In this case, the gas contracts due to the gravitation.

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Q: Why did the temperature start to rise at the center of the solar nebula?
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What did the solar system start with before the sun or planets were formed?

Clouds of gas and dust, probably forming part of an earlier nebula

Where in the Solar System is the temperature high enough to start fusion?

the sun is where the temperature is high enough

How did a nebula change into a solar system?

So 1st there was a big mass cloud of dust, gas and debris called a nebula 4.6 Billion years ago. Then a nearby star exploded. Thats called a Supernova. The force of the explosion caused the nebula to start "spinning." Everything starting crashing into each other. The collision between the material cause much of the materials to "glue" together. Eventually, 99% of all the mass from the Nebula became the center, which is our Sun. While everything else, the 1% became the celestial bodies like the planets, stars, moons, etc.

What is gravity's role in creating the solar system?

Before, the solar system was just a stable nebula, until suddenly it becomes unstable (maybe because of a supernova). As the nebula rotates, the center is getting clumped together to form the sun, and the rest of the nebula becomes flat (due to its rotation) and turn into a planetary disk. Rocks will clump together, making their gravity stronger, thus pulling more rocks, making their gravity even stronger, until it becomes a planet and when the planetary disk is blown away by the newborn sun.

How did gravity play a role in the creation of your sun?

Gravity pulled pieces from the Solar Nebula together causing the hydrogen and helium atoms to start nuclear fusion which eventually created the sun.

What is the deinition of Nebula?

a nebula is the cloud of radioactive material dust smoke and debris caused by an exploding start, a nebula happens after a nova or super nova..and somtimes the collapse of a start causes black holes too in which case you wont see a nebula because the massive amount of gravity in the black holes sucks everything in, but yes a nebula is the cloud left over from an exploding star

What do all stars start off as?

A nebula.

What will happen to the Sun before the white dwarf stage?

During the Red Giant stage, all the hydrogen of the star will be used up and helium will start to fuse. Because helium burning reactions are extremely sensitive to temperature, this causes great instability. Massive pulsations build up, which eventually causes the outer layers to be ejected, potentially forming a planetary nebula. At the center of the nebula remains the core of the star, which will cool down to become a white dwarf.

What happens to nebula contracts and its temperature increases to 10 million k?

If there is sufficient mass and material it will contract due to gravity it may then become a star. The type of star depends on how much mass was present

What are the words start with solar?

solar system

How do all-stars start as?

Stars start as enormous clouds of gas. These clouds of gas are often called nebula. When gravity causes the gas to start condensing they collapse into stars. This is usually triggered by an outside event, such as the shock wave of another star going supernova hitting the nebula, causing the gasses to compress.

In the life cycle of stars all stars start out as?

nebula. its consists of hydrogen, helium and dust

What is the life cycle of an intermediate mass star?

Nebula -> Protostar -> intermediate mass start -> red giant -> planetary nebula -> white dwarf -> black dwarf

How does a nebula form a solar system?

A nebula is a region of gas, mostly hydrogen, that is denser than the surrounding space. When these gas clouds are disturbed (by gravity, or by a shock wave), they can condense enough to let gravitational forces begin to gather the molecules together into clumps. Over a period of millions of years, the gas may collect (accrete) into a mass large enough to form a spinning disk, with a proto-star forming at the center. With enough swept-up hydrogen, the new star will start a fusion reaction at its hot, dense core. Pushed away by this energy release, the disk will no longer be drawn inward, but can coalesce into planets and planetoids orbiting the new star.

Did the solar system start as a nebula true or false?

Rice?Well there are many sides to this story. On the one other hand, there is a positive correlation between true and false, making it a great way to conserve Beetles. Next time?? Fish!!

What are solar cars?

Solar powered cars are cars that are powered by the sun. when the sun is not out the car will not start, when the sun is out, it will start!

What do comets and meteorites have in common?

Well, to start off on the easy side, they are both rocks from outer-space. They both have a nucleus and they both are scientifical bodies that travel in space. The thing that comets, asteroids, and meteorites have in common is that they all travel in space and most of them all are unchanged because of their formation in the solar nebula.

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Yes, I want to start IRDA training center

I would like to start up a solar sales and instalation business?

To start a solar sales and instlation business what do I need to do to qualify for a grant

What did your solar system start off as?

The solar system was previously a cloud of interstellar gas.

What might happen if the sun stops shining?

Before our sun "stops shining," as it creates enough helium from fusion, it will swell to a Red Giant, and envelop the Earth. Then helium will start fusing into heavier elements for a hundred million years or so. Then it will start shooting out matter in destructive pulses, eventually creating a nebula. These pulses will throw whatever planets from our solar system that may have survived into a wider orbit, or out of the sun's gravity altogether to go sightseeing. But our sun will still be shining in the center of that nebula -- shining even brighter, but much smaller -- as a white dwarf. That will last about a thousand years before it cools enough to "stop shining" and wander through space as a giant black rock about the size of what was once Earth. About 100 years later, someone will post a question on asking "Why was the Sun so important?" and some smartypants will answer "Your mom."

What does a nebula do?

A Nebula is a massive cloud of dust, gas and debris (sometimes left over from a star that has died in a supernova explosion) drifting in interstellar space. It is from these nebula that stars are thought to form. Once the stars "come to life" this is thought to kick start the formation of other stars and planets from the remaining gas, dust, rock, metal in the dust cloud.

Why January is the coldest month?

The shortest time of the year is the winter solstice, which happens at the end of December, the place of earth where you live is receiving the least amount of solar radiation (heat). With the decreasing solar radiation heating your area, it takes more and more to increase the temperature. So it's a delayed effect, the mean temperature keeps dropping with the increasing solar radiation not enough to overcome the falling temperature. So it takes longer for the temperatures to start rising. Of course cold fronts from different areas of the world can drastically affect that as well.

When does thermonuclear fusion reaction start?

In stars it starts due to the great pressure at the star's center, which compresses the hydrogen and raises temperature to a condition where fusion commences. On Earth in man made equipment such as tokamaks, the pressure is much lower and the temperature has to be raised to hundreds of millions of degC to start fusion in a plasma of deuterium and tritium

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To start a solar panel manufacturing project you need to have capital to buy the materials of the project and set up the plant.