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Q: Why did this help cause the extinction the dodo?
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What is the dodo animal?

A Dodo was a bird that hunted until extinction.

How did the dodo get extinct?

ReaSOn FoR tHe DoDo bIrD eXtiNCtIOn Is bECauSe of HAbItAt dEstRUctiON

Are dodo birds smart?

The dodo was easy to kill so man hunted it to extinction.

For What Reason Did People Hunt Dodo's?

No one intended to cause the extinction of the dodo. The introduction of dogs and pigs to the island resulted in the accidental extinction of the dodo, which could not adequately defend against the new predators.

What happened to dodo birds and Tasmanian wolves?


Which extinct bird has become the symbol of extinction?

the Dodo

Of an extinction that has been witnessed by humans?

dodo bird

How did the Dodo birds becom exctict?

The dodo birds were hunted to extinction by people as they were used as a tasty snack.

Which of these is an example of an extinction that has been witnessed by humans?

dodo bird

How do you form a sentence with extinction?

The Neanderthal's extinction happened many years ago. The extinction of the DoDo Bird made a great impact on the environment.

What is the origin of the phrase dead as a dodo?

The saying "dead as a dodo" came from the fact that the dodo became a symbol of extinction of a species. Within 70-90 years of the dodo being discovered, it had been hunted and preyed to extinction. The saying "dead as a dodo" had a finality about it - it was irreversibly, undeniably dead, and there was no hope.

The island of Mauritius was once the home of what extinct species?

Dodo The dodo, which was hunted to extinction, lived on Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.