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Troops went home when the war ended.

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Q: Why did troops return in world war 2?
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What where G.I. passwords in world war 2?

Troops in World War II used the password 'flash'. It was meant to be answered in return with the password 'thunder.'

How many american troops in World War 2?

Around 16 Million US troops were deployed during World War 2.

Whose troops occupied eastern Europe after world war 2?

The troops of the USSR.

How many Americans were there in World War 2?

The United States deployed about 16 million troops in world war 2.

How many troops were devoted to World War 2?


Did Japanese troops reach Canada in World War 2?


How many troops retrived in world war 2?

What? Retrived????

How many troops from India fought in World War 1?

yes they were in world war 2 because they helped the Americans

To which war did Australia send the most troops?

1. World War 2 (990,900) 2. World War 1 (416,809) 3. Korean War (17,000)

What were the troops who fighting angianst Germany in world war 2?

The Allies.

Where did New Zealand troops fight in World War 2?


How many troops died is world war 2?

it depends of what army