King Tutankhamun

Why did tut die?

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King Tut was trampled on while enjoying his favorite sprt Chariot Racing i know this because im smrt and everyone else onthis website is stupid nd has no life i just wsnted to clear up that very asked question.


luv ya

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What year did King Tut die?

King Tut died in 1323 B.C.

When did Tin Tut die?

Tin Tut died on 1948-09-18.

When did Tut Imlay die?

Tut Imlay died on 1976-03-20.

Why did King Tut die?

King Tut was only 19 years old when he died and he died because he was inbread

How many bc did king tut die?


Who killed King Tut and why?

No one killed King Tut. He might of died from fracturing his ankle which caused something to make him die.

How did king farouk the first die?

I love theo and king tut.

Who led crusade to recapture Jerusalem?

You did tut tut tut

Why is there dirt in your overflow tank?

because you are stupid! tut tut tut!!

What year did King Tutankhamen die?

King Tuthe died around 1323BC

When did King Tutankhamun die and was born?

king tut died in 1343 BC

Did King Tutankhamun die because of an illness?

No, he died of a murder attemp. The person that tried to murder Tut was unsuccessful. King Tut then became very ill and then died.

How can you correct the common eye defect?

Tut tut tut, should've gone to specsavers....

How did King Tut's kids die?

king tut never had kids but they did have an unborn baby

When did King Tut's kids die?

King Tut had two daughters who were both stillborn

What are the release dates for Tut Tut King - 1923?

Tut Tut King - 1923 was released on: USA: 30 July 1923

Is lady gaga related to the Jonas brothers?

no of course not that was a silly question. tut tut tut

What are the ratings and certificates for Tut-Tut and His Terrible Tomb - 1923?

Tut-Tut and His Terrible Tomb - 1923 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What was inside kings tut tomb?

Stolen riches,but not King Tut. Ramess and King Tut were switched

Why did King Tutankhamen die?

King Tut died because of a leg infection and malarial dease

When did queen Tiye die?

Queen Tiye died in 1338 BC. She is the mother of King Tut.

How did the jutes live?

they lived in huts, tut tut !

What does tut mean in German?

"tut" in German means "do".

What is the summary of discovering tut?

it is all about discovering of tut

What did king tut no that was negativley?

what did king tut do that was negative

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