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He was being very mean and rood

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Q: Why didnt the author of Gone With the Wind write a sequel?
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Will Micheal grant write a sequel to gone?

Yes, it's called Hunger It's already released Then Lies, Plague, Darkness, and Light

Is their such thing as a second Gone in 60 Seconds movie?

The junkman is the sequel to the original gone in 60 seconds movie. However, there doesn't look to be a sequel to the second version of gone in 60 seconds

Is there going to be a life as you know it sequel?

There is " The Dead and the Gone"

What was the Name of Alexandra ripley's sequel to Gone With the Wind?


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Will there be a sequel to Gone in Sixty Seconds?

They were producing a sequel of the film in '89. But the lead actor got killed while performing a stunt and it got cancelled...

What were the things that Gone With the Wind win Oscars for?

it didnt win

Author of gone with the wind?

AUTHOR OF GONE WITH THE WIND Gone with the Wind was written my Margaret Mitchell.

Do you write Did not or has not?

"I did not go." "He has not gone."

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Will there be a sequel to lies by Michael grant?

Michael Grant, in an interview, said there will/should be about 6 books in his GONE series.

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