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The colors are caused by electrons that have been heated and raised to a higher energy state, and then immediately drop back down to the ground state. When the electrons drop from the higher to the lower energy states, they lose energy which is emitted as visible light and heat.

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What is the name of the spectrum when elements produce different colors when heated?

Atomic spectra

What is the color of strontium when heated?

Strontium will produce different colours dependant on the circumstances. If the flame has oxygen and hydrogen present, the flame will be red. With chlorine in the flame it will be a brighter red. If it is the strontium atoms excited by themselves they produce a violet colour.

Why do different elements give off different colors when heated?

they have different electron energy levels.

Why do different elements emit different colors when they are heated?

because when elements are heated there electrons become excited and jump through the elements "steps" and as they become less excited the jump back down steps emitting a unique wavelength and the visible wavelength is the colour we see -------------------------------------- The wavelength of the spectral lines emitted by different elements are specific for each element. Consequently the colour is also different.

Why do different elements produce different colors of light when heated?

Because different elements have different energy level that their valance electrons are at and these valance electrons when subjected to energy reach a higher level where they return to the resting state energy level. While dropping back to their resting level they emit a photon of light that has a certain wavelength, different wavelengths, that the eye perceives as different colors.

When you pass heat which metal will produce electricity?

No single piece of metal will produce electricity when heated. You will need two different metals, mechanically touching. When the join between the metals is heated, it will produce electricity, dependant on the metals used. This is known as a 'thermocouple'.

Why do different elements give off a colorful light when heated?

The color depends on the lines of the emission spectrum of each different element.

Elements emit light of specific color when heated?

Elements emit light of specific color when heated? this is statement. what is the question?

Why do some metal ions produce different colors from other metal ions when heated?

Because each type of atom (element) has different number of electrons and different ground states , or state with out energy, so electrons will produce different colors.

Are elements in a compound heated until they boil?


What do elements give off when they are heated?

Electromagnetic radiation.

Elements in the compound are heated until they what?


What gas does limestone produce when heated?

Calcium oxide

The colours of light given off when a sample is heated corresponds to?

the element(s) that are present in the sample

What is powdered metalurgy?

Powdered metallurgy is the process of mixing elements in powdered form and compacting them. The compacted form is then heated to form different shapes of metals.

What happens to elements of the periodic table when they are heated very little or superheated?

It depends on the element being heated or frozen.

What metals become plasmas when heated?

all of them, and not only the metals, all elements will become plasmas if heated enough.

What evidence that the colors observed in the flame test are due to the metals and not non metals?

I'm not too sure what you mean by 'due to the metals and non-metals' but I can tell you how the flame test actually works. Although we use this test in Chemistry to identify elements, the explanation behind it is actually physics. Basically, when an element is heated the electrons become excited, this means that they get more energy and move up an energy level or several energy levels. The electron cannot stay in this new energy level as it is unstable so it drops back down and emits the excess energy in the form of a photon. The photon has a different energy depending on which element the electrons are actually in as different elements have different energy level values. The photons have a different energy so we they must have a different frequency as E = HF (energy=Planck's constant x frequency). As different frequency of light are different colours different elements emit different frequency of photons and therefore different colours of light.

What does water turn into when it is heated?

Vapor, its chemical elements do not change.

What is bright line spectrum?

It is a spectrum produced by elements when they are heated.

Where is the the heater located for the front seat in a 2001 jeep grand chereokee and how do you replace the driver side?

The heated seat elements are located between the cushion and the seat cover.The heated seat elements are located between the cushion and the seat cover.

Can compounds be separated into their elements by heating?

While some compounds do degenerate to their elements when heated, almost none do.

What gas does yeast produce when heated?

CO2 .. carbon dioxide

What gas does Copper II nitrate produce when heated?


When heated in liquid starches do what?

Hydrolysis of starch produce glucose.