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Have you checked the fuses for the wipers? It may be that simple.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-01 02:23:15
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Q: Why do Chevy Blazer windshield wipers quit?
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Why did the windshield wipers quit working on a 1993 Chevy Cavalier?

The most common cause that windshield wipers stop working is a blown fuse. The windshield wiper motor may need to be changed is also common.

What would cause the windshield wipers and radio in a 98 Mustang to quit working?

Most likely minor damage to Flux Capacitor.

What could be wrong if the windshield wipers on a 2001 Nissan Sentra quit working?

check wiper fuse first, then check wiper switch then check wiper motor

My wipers and heater fan quit?

Check your fuse

Why do my wipers quit then work again?

Does your car Perhaps have Delay Wipers must cars these days do you know.

What could cause windshield wipers to quit working on Mercedes e320?

Most likely fuse is out. Check owner's manual for location and identification of fuses. If not, check wiper motor, linkage and spindles.

Why have your wipers stopped working?

The motor may have quit working .

If you have no power windows or windshield wipers?

i don't have pwer to heater fan wiper, power windows, or power locks, some time when you just turn ignition everything is working soon as you start the engine it will quit

What would make the windshield wipers quit working but the washer pump still works on a 2001 windstar?

Sound to me like your wiper motor is out. The water pump is totally separate from the wiper motor. Good Luck!!!

Wipers quit working on 1981 corvette?

my wipers quit working, got a new wiper motor , it did not work either, found out that it has lost ground, attached a ground wire to engine and wiper motor and it worked.

Why does your blazer quit running?

I would suspect fuel pump failure.

I have a 97 Chevy pickup wipers and washer pump quit working i replaced circuit board but they still don't work and i have checked the fuse.?

If your 1997 Chevy pickup wipers and washer pump are not working, you might actually have to replace the pump motor or the wiper motor, or both. These motors are not expensive to replace and can be purchased at most auto parts stores.

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