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Q: Why do CsCl and NaCl have different structures?
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What compound has the smallest formula weight CsCl NaCl MgF2 or BF3?


What element is ionically bonded to chloride?

Depends on the compound; chlorine can form an ionic bond with many elements. eg, NaCl, MgCl2, CsCl.

What is CsCl?

CsCl is the chemical formula of caesium chloride.

What is a non example of a covalent compound?

Ionic compounds are salts or oxides as NaCl, LiF, MgCl2, MgO, UCl4, ThO2, CsCl, CaCl2, FeCl3, AlCl3.

What us the chemical name for CsCl?

The chemical name for CsCl is Cesium Chloride.

What defines why nacl has a face centered cubic unit cell while cscl is body centered cub?

diffrent radius ratios

What type of bond forms between Cesium and Iodine?

CsCl like NaCl is a salt. The cesium has an ionic bond with the chloride.

Is CsCl soluble in water?


Why are salts crystalline structures?

NaCl has a face-centered cubic crystalline structure.

What is the word equation for cesium chloride?

Cesium = Cs Chlorine = Cl Cesium Chloride = CsCl

What is the Chemical formula for caesium chloride?


What is coordination number of cs in Cscl?