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Q: Why do I sneeze when I bend over?
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Why do people fart when they bend over?

when you sneeze it's because there is dust or smonething annoying you r nostrils and makes you sneeze. when you bend over all the mucus build up goes threw your nose and almost out you r nse but not quite. that's because of whats stoppiing it, your nose hairs, and yes EVERYBODY has nose hair. the nose hair senses the mucust and can't do anything but sneeze so that's why tou sneeze when you bend over BUT SONT TRY IT AFTER YOU FINISH READING! I NO YOU WILL! KIDS! IT WONT WORK UNTIL YOU NOSE HAS SETELED IN AFTER YOU FINISH READING TYPE IN WHY CANT WE DIGEST PAPER> NAD I WILL ANSWER!! BII!

How do you crouch in perfect dark?

you bend over you bend over

Can dinosaurs bend over?

O course Dinosuars can bend over. There actually many dinoaurs that can bend over for an example, a stegosaurus can bend over and eat some leaves in low lands.

What is the name of the song that goes bend over over over over over?

bend up : slide the chord up bend down : slide the chord down

How do you bend over with a thong on?

you just bend over and let what happens happen

Lyrics to bend it over Lil Wayne?

Bend Over, Touch Your Toes !

Why is the vertebral column able to bend over slightly when someone bends over?

because he or she want bend over and over

How do elephants sneeze?

they just get a tickle in their nose and sneeze like humans do and nasal mist goes all over the place

Do you go unconcious when you sneeze?

Not exactly. When you sneeze, all of the organs in your body, even your heart, momentarily stop, then start back up again when your sneeze is over. Pretty crazy, huh!

How powerful is bowser's sneeze?

Bowser's sneeze is incredibly strong. He could probably know over the empire state building if he sneezed

You have pain in your right abdominal muscle when you sneeze cough roll over and sit up Do you need a doctor?

Pain in right lower side when I sit up sneeze or roll over?

How many times a day does a person with seasonal allergies sneeze?

If pollen counts are extremely HIGH, I can sneeze over 200 x a day