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In Judaism, dairy and meat are kept completely separate. Those who can afford it may have two kitchens, one for dairy food preparation and one for the preparation of foods containing meat.

Not everyone has two kitchens, some have two fridges and two ovens. Some just have two sets of everything (dishes, pots and pans, etc) but only one oven and fridge.

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2010-12-23 05:04:51
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Q: Why do Jews have two separate kitchens?
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How do Jews set out their Kitchens?

Jews have to have separate kitchens in their homesAnswer:Only the very wealthy would have two kitchens. In reality, a Jewish kitchen looks just like anyone else's. We just have two sets of pots and pans, cutlery, cooking utensils, etc.

Why do kosher kitchens have two of everything?

It's because meat and dairy are kept separate at all times.

How many kitchens are in a two family house?

Two kitchens

Do Conservative Jews need their kitchens koshered like the Orthodox Jews?

No, but they can if they want t.

How many kitchens does the Biltmore house have?

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How many kitchens does Versailles have?

The Palace of Versailles was the home of the French royal family. It had nine separate kitchens. A famous replica was built near Orlando.

Are Hinduism considered Jews?

Hinduism is a religion, not a person. Hinduism and Judaism are two completely separate religions with Jews belonging to Judaism.

Do Jews separate for worship?

Religious Jews worship with separate areas for men and women.

Why are many Jews atheist's?

Judaism and Atheism are two separate religious affliction's. You cannot have two religions at once.

Why do Jewish families have two kitchens?

Most do not have two. I've been in lots of Jewish houses, Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, and Hassidic, Ashkenazic and Sephardic, rabbis and laity, wealthy and poor. I've never been in one that had two kitchens. But ...The Jewish laws that require separating Passover cooking from every day cooking would be much easier to keep if you could just close off your every-day kitchen during Passover, and close it off outside of Passover. And it might be handy to have a separate dairy kitchen distinct from your meat kitchen in order to simplify keeping meat and dairy foods entirely separate. That ends up arguing for 3 or 4 kitchens, but the few genuinely wealthy Jews I've known always seemed to have something better to spend their money on than extra kitchens.

Why do Jewish people have separate kitchens in their houses?

Because they dont like to mix their dairy and meat products together. :)

Why do most restaurants have separate kitchens for preparing hot and cold food?

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