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To turn they're product yellow. Also the company who makes Mountain Dew. Is Pepsi cola industries.

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Q: Why do Mountain Dew put yellow 5 in there drinks?
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Is Mountain Dew put in cans as well as bottles?

Yes, you can buy Mountain Dew in cans or bottles.

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How old is the Mountain Dew bottle with the picture of the man with the cork shooting through his hat?

Hillbilly Mountain Dew bottles range in years from 1951 through 1969. Many have names on them like FILLED BY ZEKE and DAISY DEW. In fact there are over 900 different names combined with to following prefixes: Bottled By, by, Capped By, Filled By, For, Jugged By, Loved By, Made By, no prefix, Put Up By, Remplissa Ge Par, Sold By and The. Much more information ca be found at the Mountain Dew Bottle Club including the values of these bottles. Bottle values range from $5.00 up to $4000.00.

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