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Because they'd like to stay alive.

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Q: Why do SWAT officers sometimes wear camouflage BDUs?
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How do you become a SWAT officer?

SWAT officers first take police officer training, and then are specially trained as tactical officers.

What is a swat officers salary?

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How much do regular patrol officers get paid?

As much as a SWAT person.

How many swat officers have died in the history of the unit?


What is the 2003 SWAT movie about?

The 2003 movie SWAT was originated from a tv show about a couple of Los Angeles S.W.A.T officers. The team of officers had to prevent a French crime gangster from escaping from prison

How can you use camouflage?

Camouflage=Environment. Camouflage uniforms (jungle style for example) worn in a city (police swat teams for example) is NOT camouflage. White camo for snow, Brown camo for dirt areas (desert for example), etc.

How do you join SWAT?

SWAT members (and those of similar groups around the world) are selected from experienced police officers after they are recommended for consideration.

How many swat officers have ever bin killed?

21,908. SWAT have died more than the military in the past 40 years.

What is a SWAT's mission?

SWAT is a team of people that is sent out by police officers either because the bad guys were heavily armed or in a hostage situations.

Do you have to be a cop before eyou can join SWAT?

Yes, you have to be qualified to be employed as a law enforcement officer. All SWAT officers are certified law enforcement.

Does a SWAT team member get paid the same as a police officer?

In a majority of cases, the salaries of SWAT members are the same as those of regular police officers.

Are there health benefits for swat?

All SWAT members are sworn law enforcement officers and get the same health benefits as any other officer/agent in their agency.

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