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Why do SWAT officers sometimes wear camouflage BDUs?

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Because they'd like to stay alive.

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How do you become a SWAT officer?

SWAT officers first take police officer training, and then are specially trained as tactical officers.

What is a swat officers salary?

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What is the 2003 SWAT movie about?

The 2003 movie SWAT was originated from a tv show about a couple of Los Angeles S.W.A.T officers. The team of officers had to prevent a French crime gangster from escaping from prison

How can you use camouflage?

Camouflage=Environment. Camouflage uniforms (jungle style for example) worn in a city (police swat teams for example) is NOT camouflage. White camo for snow, Brown camo for dirt areas (desert for example), etc.

How much do regular patrol officers get paid?

As much as a SWAT person.

How many swat officers have died in the history of the unit?


How do you join SWAT?

SWAT members (and those of similar groups around the world) are selected from experienced police officers after they are recommended for consideration.

How many swat officers have ever bin killed?

21,908. SWAT have died more than the military in the past 40 years.

Do you have to be a cop before eyou can join SWAT?

Yes, you have to be qualified to be employed as a law enforcement officer. All SWAT officers are certified law enforcement.

Does a SWAT team member get paid the same as a police officer?

In a majority of cases, the salaries of SWAT members are the same as those of regular police officers.

Are there health benefits for swat?

All SWAT members are sworn law enforcement officers and get the same health benefits as any other officer/agent in their agency.

How many different types of police are there?

It depends on where you are and exactly what you mean. In the U.S. within any given department there are patrol officers, traffic officers, adminstrative officers, Tac team or SWAT officers, supervisors, detectives, etc. Then there are city officers, county officers, state troopers, DEA, FBI, CIA, post office police, school police (some schools use fully commissioned police officers), special ops (tact team, SWAT team, etc).

Do cats punch?

Cats sometimes swat, but they do not punch.

Should police officers be able to carry high powered assault rifles?

No need, they have SWAT for that

What education requirements to become a swat?

SWAT members are all sworn law enforcement officers/agents. Therefore, their basic pay is the same as any other officer of their rank.

What gear do SWAT teams wear?

Bullet proof vests, masks, helmets, radios, flashbangs, gun magazines, some swat officers carry tasers, pistol, & cuffs.

What are the qualifications of a swat team member?

First and foremost, all SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) applicants must be sworn law enforcement officers of their department or agency. Most agencies prefer that their members have some military background. In larger cities almost all of the SWAT members have been police officers for several years. The Basic Qualifications and test can be found listed in the below URL:

How much money does a SWAT member earn?

A SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team member makes as much basic pay as a regular uniformed patrol office but may not make as much total because of less over time, or court time.Added: SWAT officers are regular sworn law enforcement officers and make as much as others of the same rank and seniority within the same department.

How much do you get paid for swat?

SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams are usually made up of experienced officers with special skills that suit them to the unconventional activities of the teams. Since the starting salary for most medium-sized police departments is in the $40,000/yr. range, we could expect the more experienced officers of a SWAT unit to be making $60,000 and up, depending on the department, their rank, and time in service.

What weapons do swat officers have?

It varies from department to department. Generally speaking they will have some sort of assault rifle/sub machine gun. A side arm (The LA swat is well known for being one of the few non military bureaus to cary Colt 1911pistols). Stun grenades are another common SWAT arm. Most carry a knife, once again the type depends on the department. In addition to weapons almost all SWAT officers will have military tactical vests (Generally MOLLY) and kevlar.

What kind of education is required to become a member SWAT?

SWAT personnel are, first and foremost, sworn law enforcement officers or agents. They become employed by their departments or agencies, then can volunteer for SWAT duty if they wish. If selected they will then receive specialized training in that particular area, over and above that of the patrol officer.

How much money will you make on the S.W.A.T. team?

Most SWAT assignments are collateral, meaning that the officer continues to work at his regular job until and unless the SWAT team is called out. There might be weeks or months between callouts. The officer will work additional hours while training, and there may be incentive pay (possibly 3-5% of the officer's usual pay) for being on the SWAT team. Other than the extra overtime for training and callouts and the incentive pay, SWAT officers make the same money as other LE officers in their agency.

Which rank is higher SWAT or soldier?

"SWAT" and "Soldier" are not ranks, they are titles. SWAT is the acronym for "Special Weapons And Tactics," a unit of most law enforcement agencies. They have little to do with the military. The military does not utilize SWAT units. Soldiers, are enlisted members of the Army or Marines (Air Force is Airmen, Navy and Coast Guard is Sailors). All are referred to generically as Service Members. It is difficult to put a qualitative difference to either SWAT members or Soldiers. Ostensibly, both do the job they do for honorable reasons. The reality, however, is as specific and unique as the individual. Both SWAT officers, and soldiers are deputized throughout the US, and may apprehend and detain anyone they witness involved in a felony. While soldiers are not law enforcement officers, they still retain some of that authority.

What type of stuff does swat do?

swat flies, swat bees, swat spit, and aresst peeps.

What kind of education do you need to become a SWAT officer?

Police departments require a high school diploma for police officers. If a person wants to become a member of a swat/ERT team then it usually requires experience as a patrol officer or x number of years and then you apply for a position with a team. Few departments hire specifically for swat/ERT.