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so that more ppl will use their products. they see their soccer star snd they get mpre interested.

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Q: Why do advertising companies use sports stars to market their products?
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Where can you buy artificial lawn pieces?

Artificial lawn products are available from companies like ForeverLawn, Synthetic Turf, SportsTurfWarehouse, and On Deck Sports. Many of these companies market their products for use on sports fields.

Who is the market leader of the sports industry?

Nike, they make quite a bit more than the other sports companies

Is Nike the only sports company that let you customize their products?

No, they are not. There are many other sports companies that allow customization of products, which is how high school teams and private teams get their jerseys and other apparel

What advertising methods are used to market the most popular sports in the world?

usually ads, with people from the sport in them acting for popular products eg. swiss and ricky ponting or castrol and the wallabies. Therefore the sport is advertised benefiting both the sport and the product.

Why do advertising compaines like to use sporting heroes to promote their products?

Because people like sports heroes so the ad would get their attention.

When was Sports Car Market created?

Sports Car Market was created in 1988.

Why Nike Company become one of the leaders companies in the market?

they have many sports teams supporting nike and they own many other companies and also they have adverts pressuring people to buy their items

Why is sports important on television?

It sells lots of advertising.

What companies manufacture sonic blade knives?

Sonic blade knives are manufactured by Elangel International Industrial and Yongkang Smartlong Sports and Leisure Products. These are the companies that manufacture sonic blade knives.

How have British sports segmented the sports market?


What are good products or services to market to men?

I will start this off, however feel free to add to this people. Magazines with females or cars , Male Enhancement products, sports jerseys, hair restore products, shoes, beer,

How much does ea sports spend on advertising?

200 million

Which statement is false about new sports entering the market?

researching on the new and upcoming sports is not nessacary to capitalize on the market

What companies provide winter sports insurance?

"Some of the companies that provide winter sports insurace are TravelInsurance, Insureandgo, Wintersportsinsurance, and Gosimply. These companies provide protection if you are injured from skiing, snowboarding, or other winter sports."

Where can I find a good tasting sports beverage?

Sports beverage companies offer numerous products through the public, and they are usually sold through generic retail stores, or even places that stock basic groceries.

Which companies make coffee percolators?

Companies such as Cuisinart, GSI Sports Products, Farberware, Coleman, Presto, and West Bend all sell coffee percolators. Also, Hamilton Beach is known to produce them too.

What companies manufacture handgun safes?

Companies like Liberty Safe, American Security Products, Sports Man, Freedom Safes, Bear Safes, West Coast Safes are leading manufacturers of handgun safes.

What Sports management companies are in Chicago?

Adrenaline Sports Management

What kind of products does Chelle Sports sell?

Chelle Sports offers a variety of clothing products for gymnastics, cheer-leading and general sporting. Their sports products include leotards, shorts, hoodies and t-shirts.

What do companies consider when selecting a sports celebrity for endorsement of a product?

The main considerations are (a) what sort of media profile the sport celebrity has (b) whether the sport celebrity is appropriate for the company's target market (c) the money cost of the celebrity (d) whether the celebrity has already endorsed competitor products.

Why should marks be given for sports?

Advertising, to win brand awareness.

What companies make fabric sports bras?

They have multiple companies listed in the sports bra secton of the site call Ladies Only Sports. It does not have a cheap blue sports bra, but there are other cheap ones at the store.

Selling sports products?


What has the author Patricia Incantalupo written?

Patricia Incantalupo has written: 'The portrayal of women in sport advertising in two women's fitness magazines' -- subject(s): History, Sex role in advertising, Social aspects, Social aspects of Sports for women, Sports for women, Women in advertising

Where can one get a sports marketing job?

To obtain a sports marketing position you would want to consider places that do advertising for specific teams and teams that need management or marketing agents. Management of a facility where sporting events are held may also be another way to obtain a position in this market.