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Why do advertising companies use sports stars to market their products?


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so that more ppl will use their products. they see their soccer star snd they get mpre interested.


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Artificial lawn products are available from companies like ForeverLawn, Synthetic Turf, SportsTurfWarehouse, and On Deck Sports. Many of these companies market their products for use on sports fields.

Nike, they make quite a bit more than the other sports companies

No, they are not. There are many other sports companies that allow customization of products, which is how high school teams and private teams get their jerseys and other apparel

usually ads, with people from the sport in them acting for popular products eg. swiss and ricky ponting or castrol and the wallabies. Therefore the sport is advertised benefiting both the sport and the product.

Because people like sports heroes so the ad would get their attention.

Sports Car Market was created in 1988.

Swot Analysis- JD sportsStrengthsWeakness. Established customer baseGood quality customer service. Sell high quality sports retail products.Shops over crowded with products.Only sell sports wear products.High prices on products might put people offOpportunitiesThreats.Expand current shops and open new shops.Open shops overseas.Get sportsmen participating in Olympics to endorse their products.Other companies and rivals expanding their market share.A detailed analysis of the company's strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.

It sells lots of advertising.

they have many sports teams supporting nike and they own many other companies and also they have adverts pressuring people to buy their items

I will start this off, however feel free to add to this people. Magazines with females or cars , Male Enhancement products, sports jerseys, hair restore products, shoes, beer,

Sports mall at Shehab Street Or ALFA MARKET SOme at Ourkids IN mesaha Square

researching on the new and upcoming sports is not nessacary to capitalize on the market

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Companies such as Cuisinart, GSI Sports Products, Farberware, Coleman, Presto, and West Bend all sell coffee percolators. Also, Hamilton Beach is known to produce them too.

Advertising, to win brand awareness.

Adrenaline Sports Management

fashion and sports-related products.

Patricia Incantalupo has written: 'The portrayal of women in sport advertising in two women's fitness magazines' -- subject(s): History, Sex role in advertising, Social aspects, Social aspects of Sports for women, Sports for women, Women in advertising

The main considerations are (a) what sort of media profile the sport celebrity has (b) whether the sport celebrity is appropriate for the company's target market (c) the money cost of the celebrity (d) whether the celebrity has already endorsed competitor products.

Chelle Sports offers a variety of clothing products for gymnastics, cheer-leading and general sporting. Their sports products include leotards, shorts, hoodies and t-shirts.

They have multiple companies listed in the sports bra secton of the site call Ladies Only Sports. It does not have a cheap blue sports bra, but there are other cheap ones at the store.

Most blimps are advertising devices for companies such as Goodyear, MetLife, or Fujifilm. You will see them overhead at games played in open-air sports stadiums, but usually only in good weather.

They buy them from sports companies who supply them and then sell them

To corner the market in retail for sportswear and sports accessories

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