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Sometimes fish die in aquariums when the ammonia level is too high. I recommend taking a sample of the water to a pet store to have it checked for anything wrong. I had fish dying and took mine to have it checked. When I got the levels water problems fixed my fish stopped dying. It could be from high ammonia levels, not enough oxygen, not the right temperature, or a disease or parasite

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Q: Why do aquarium fish die?
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Can the fish grow in the aquarium?

the fish will grow in the aquarium when there is a hydrilla plants in the aquarium.

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When a fish dies in aquarium what to do?

Get a small Aquarium Fish Net, get the body of the Fish, put it in the toilet.

What would happen to the fish if all plants were remove from the aquarium?

the fish will die . because the fish needed by theplants which qive oxygen .. !

Why do the fish in an aquarium die when the temperature of the aquarium is raised?

Yes, if they are cold water fish and they are in there for a long time. Tropical fish could stand the water a bit hotter. But not too hot. Though i would'nt try it.

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What happens if you put an fish aquarium in a dark place for 7 days?

the living things will die

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no only samon do... aquarium fish ofcourse do not. they only live as long as their lifespan

Can you put a fish you caught in the sea in your house aquarium filled with fresh water?

In most cases, no. The fish will die.

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they never ever ever ever die

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A fish bowl. Or even a bathtub... any thing that holds water. But it's est to have a aquarium with a filter and one of those heaters. Otherwise, your fish might die pretty quickly.

Can you put fish and sea turtles together in aquarium tank?

yes, but just saltwater fish. If you put a sea turtle in freshwater, it will die. If you put freshwater fish into saltwater they will die.

Can your fish die in happy aquarium?

Yes, your fish will get sick and then die. maybe you can try this site, info grab from here

How long can a fish live in a non-oxygen aquarium?

It depends on what kind of fish, and the size of the aquarium.

Can you put goldfish in with neon tetra?

No, Gold fish are cold water fish, and if they are put in a tropical aquarium they could die or get sick.

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No. They must be aquarium/freshwater snails. A garden snail would die in a fish tank.

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Fishing in an aquarium; aquarium fishing is when you scoop fish out of your tank with a net.

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It is not possible for the fish on "My Sim Aquarium" to have eggs. All fish must be purchased from the pet store.

Where are fish kept?

Fish are kept in an aquarium.

What can aquarium fish eat?

Fish food

How many known aquarium tetra fish breeds are there?

there are 26 known aquarium tetra fish breeds

What is a large aquarium fish?

An aquarium fish that is usually considered big, is like 8 inches and up.