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So they can refill their suits if that oxygen runs out.they need back up just in case

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Q: Why do astronautts on the moon kneed to take oxygen with them?
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What two things would you take to the moon?

Oxygen and water

How do you take care of a golden retriever?

you kneed to be really mature and advanced.

What happens if you take off your helmet in the moon?

If you take of your helmet you will most probably die as you will have no oxygen!

What would you need to take with you if visiting the moon?

you would need to take water food flag rope and oxygen

Why does a candle not burn on the surface of the moon?

for combustion to take place there has to be heat, oxygen and a fuel. On the moon there is a fuel (wick of the candle) and heat(your fire source) but no oxygen as there is no atmosphere which makes combustion (burning) impossible.

Why would you take oxygen two space?

so you could breathe cause if u didnt u would die but u would also kneed a space siut so ur blood dosent boil or other stuff

What are the things you need to take to the moon?

water,food and flag rope oxygen constilation map money

How long did it take the Apollo 13 to land on the moon?

First of all due to a explosion in the oxygen tank ,of the Apollo 13 the spacecraft could not land on the moon.

Why does rusting does not take place on the moon?

Rusting is a chemical reaction that iron undergoes involving water and oxygen. There is no pxygen or liquid water on the moon, and therefor nothing for the iron to react with.

Do plants give out oxygen?

I think when they receive carbon dioxide

What equipment would you take to the moon?

Weighted boots food water space suit (so you don't die) oxygen tanks (so you could breath)

How many days the moon take to change his shape?

moon take 14 days to change new moon to full moon