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Why do athletes use steroids?

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Athletes use steroids to bulk up fast!! It's an amazing drug for that! But it is harmful to some! It's causes boils and acne on some people. Steroids is a testerone enhancement. Known to cause cancer. A lot of people use them but it's a gamble. When you hit your fifties it's almost impossible to get big as a man in his 20 or 30s. Aging actors who play action movies will not admit they do enhancing drugs, try getting that big! It would take forever. It's a controlled drug so all I see here is people saying it's illegal! We know that! Answer the question ! Do not prostheses!

2016-04-15 02:34:02
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Q: Why do athletes use steroids?
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Which celebrities use steroids?

Most athletes use steroids like Lance Armstrong.

Why might athletes want to use steroids?

Steroids gives the athletes energy and stamina.Which does'nt make them tired.

How many athletes use steroids in baseball?

about 200

How many professional athletes use steroids?


How many olympic athletes use steroids?


What drug does athletes use to perform better?


Should professional athletes be allowed to use steroids?

yes athletes should be allowed to use steriods

Why do athlets use steroids?

athletes use steroids to get better at sports. Many get caught yet many still use.

Why are steroids taken by athletes?

Steroids make athletes stronger. But it is illegal.

How many athletes use steroids?

In track and field in America - 40 to 50% of the athletes In weight lifting, a competitor admitted to taking steroids and said it was okay because 80%-90% of the athletes he'd faced were using steroids

How often do athletes use steroids?

when they feel the need to be better

What is the exact number of professional athletes that use steroids?

that number probably could not be calculated because there are many professional athletes that get away with taking steroids everyday

How many percent of the athletes that use steroids get caught?

About 20-22%.

What is the number of pro athletes that use steroids?

about four and a half people

Why shouldn't athletes be using steroids?

First of all it would give an unfair advantage to the players who use the steroids, and it would encourage everyone to use them in order to "keep up." It would also encourage younger athletes to take them and steroids are especially harmful to bodies that are not fully developed. In my opinion the most important reason is that athletes who use natural ability and hard work should always be observed as the best athletes, not who can take the most steroids to become the best. Do you really want steroids to be legal in the Olympics? We would not know who the best athletes in the world truly are.

Who use steroids?

Athletes mostly use steroids to amp up there game and be more competitive. Lots of people use steroids. Some use it to become more muscular while others use it to build up confidence.

What happens to athletes who use drugs?

if they use steroids, they will most likely get kicked off the team.

What types of drugs do athletes use?

Should athletes take steroids or drugs? Never in there life should they take it. It is bad for you.

Are all athletes that use steroids guilty?

No, some require steroids for medical purposes. They do have to obtain permission and the usage is strictly watched.

Some athletes have took drug tests to prove they are not on steroids?

Some athletes have taken drug tests to prove they are not on steroids.

How many athletes use steroids in the Major League Baseball?

89 players of the mlb.

What ethical values do you think are violated by the use of anabolic steroids by athletes?

because of the pancreas \

Are steroids a type of bad drug that athletes use?

Steroids are a drug that has been banned for use by athletes. Like all drugs, they can be abused. Because they help build muscle, they have been banned by pretty much all organized sports.

What drugs are athletes tested for?

Athletes are tested for steroids and performance enhancers.

What are the drugs that use for sports?

Well, a lot of athletes illegally use steroids (barry bond), or marijuana(michael phelps)