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Because they have tiny leaks, the trapped gas inside is bound to leak out even if very slowly

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Q: Why do blown up balloons always go down?
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When a ball is thrown away from the earth's center it will always?

due to newtons laws of gravity, all things that go up come down for example helium balloons and satellites

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What happens to balloons when they are let go?

well it depends what type of balloon it is if it is filled with helium it will float higher and higher until it will pop under the air pressure. but if it a ballon filled with normal air it will just float back down or get blown away if there is wind

How high can helium balloons go?

Helium balloons can go up to 14,000 feet in the air.

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If a hot air balloon is floating how can you make it go down?

the hot air balloons goes down to earth by the air molecules reach the cold air.the air molecules cramp to each other, making it more dener than the air. the hot air balloons start to go down.( the person has to turn off the fire to start this)

Why do escaped balloons come back to earth?

Escaped balloons can only rise to the altitude where they are the same density as the surrounding air; they cannot go into space. Eventually the helium leaks out and they fall back down.

Why does helium balloons go down so quick?

One of the reasons why helium balloons go down so quickly is that the helium atom is VERY TINY - much smaller than oxygen molecules or nitrogen molecules. The helium atoms are tiny enough to leak right THROUGH the material of a latex balloon. Silver "mylar" balloons hold in the helium much better, and stay inflated longer.

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