Why do catfish not have scales?

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why do catfish not have scales?

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Q: Why do catfish not have scales?
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Do eels and catfish have scales?

Most fish have scales on their bodies. Some do not have scales. Eels and catfish do not have scales.

Does catfish have scales?


Do Shark catfish have scales?


What is the name of fish with no scales?

Catfish and tuna don't have scales.

What are facts about catfish?

they have no scales but if they do have scales they have very few on their body

Are catfish scaleless?

yeah, Catfish have no scales at all. They feel really wierd and fleshy

Do all fish have scales?

Most fish do in fact have scales, even some with scales that are nearly microscopic in size; many catfish however do not have scales, they have armour plating, but not scales.

Why is catfish not kosher?

Because it doesn't have fins and scales (See Deuteronomy ch.14). Specifically, it does not have scales. Catfish, like adult swordfish, have a skin, which is formed by one continuous surface as opposed to scales, which we can see on tuna and salmon.

Does a walleye have scales?

no not exactly they are actually kind of like catfish there smooth

Fish that do not have scales?

Catfish. Sharks don't have scales either. Both have a tough, rubbery mucous membrane that insulates their tissues.

What fish does not have scales?

Fish that do not have scales include catfish, sharks, rays, skates, moray eels, blennies, hagfish and lampreys

What kind of fish have scales?

Are you asking about this because of the law in the old testament regarding kosher eating? some fish that have scales are salmon, trout, tuna, talapia. catfish do not have scales

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