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Cats have pointy ears, because it helps them hear better. It's the same reason humans have forward facing eyes, 3d representation of the environment around them. By having ears facing forward, cats not only have 3D vision, but 3D sound.

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Why does your cat have pointy ears?

cats have pointy ears so they can hear a wide distance of their surroundings. Up, Down, Side to Side. Cats were domest animals, and they hunted their food because of their natural instinct to hunt. their bodies adjust to the habitats they lived in. And that is why they have pointy ears. Lilly, age 12

What do cats have?

Cats have pointy ears, a pelt, a tail, eyes, noes, mouth, claws, and whiskers. :)

Which animal have pointy ears?

Quite a few animals have pointy ears. Wolves, cats, deer, rabbits, foxes, pigs, and so many more animals do to.

Why do elephants have pointy ears?

Elephants do not have pointy ears they have long curve ears

Do pigs have pointy ears or droopy ears?

Pigs genrally have pointy ears

Why do leprechauns have pointy ears?

cos pointy ears are Celtic

What are facts about Siamese cats?

one is that they are related to baliniese cats they have skinny faces they have pointy ears and they are very nice.......sometimes :)

Why were cats called evil in Egypt?

Because Tynah and Sumz are just to Kewl. cause cats use to scratch people and they had pointy ears.

Can a dog have pointy ears?

yes the one that look like a wolf has pointy ears

Why do chihuahuas have pointy ears?

German shepards have pointy ears too. But it's just the kind of breed they are.

Why are Doberman ears so pointy?

If a dobermans ears are pointy it means the dog has has surgery (cropping) done for their ears to stand and be pointy. A doberman is born with floppy ears and a long tail, but often get surgery to stand the ears and make the tail short.

It is a pouched mammal with a pointy nose and pointy ears?


What are the differences of cats and dogs?

Cats have pointy ears and dogs dont.Cats meow and dogs bark. FROM Jasmine your #1 animal fan and im 8.BYE!

Why do dholes have pointy ears?

Pointy ears are better at detecting sound at the distance than floppy ears. They are also less likely to get infected.

Do floppy ears turn into pointy ears?

Because Santa put a spell on you and you turned into an elf! You have to make toys! my cat has pointy ears! He is an undercover elf! //////when dogs are puppies they usually have floppy ears but as they mature depending on the breed the ears will stand up and become pointy

How do you know if you have a elf?

If he has pointy ears.

Do shiba inus have floppy ears?

No; they have very straight and pointy ears.

What breed is my dog. It is brown with pointy ears?

Could you be more specific, there are lots of brown dogs with pointy ears of many breeds

Why does Link have pointy ears?

~He's either a tall elf or that just how editors designed him. ~Link is of Hylian descent and all Hylians have pointy ears (Hylian being the race and Hyrulian being the nationality). That's why Zelda has pointy ears too.

Does Peter Pan have pointy ears?


What is a good dog that has pointy ears?


Do foxes act like cats. But look like dogs?

Yes. Foxes prefer to sneak around and hunt at night like cats do. But they have the same pointed muzzle of common dogs and the same sort of body shape. See the alikeness? That dog may have flat ears and the fox pointy but lots of dogs have pointy ears to, and bushy tails like the fox.

What are some common characteristics of elves?

pointy ears

Does hello kitty have pointy ears?

They are rounded point!!!!

Do Jack Russell dogs have pointy ears?