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Glucose is systematically degraded into carbon dioxide and water in the presence of oxygen. The process (respiration) releases energy which is stored in the glucose molecule.

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Why do cells in the body need a good blood supply?

Cells need energy to sat alive and they get it from glucose and oxygen.blood collects glucose from your digested food and collects oxygen from your lungs.blood delivers oxygen and glucose to every cell.

What do cells need to work well?

Cells need energy to work, but they get this from using oxygen and glucose to respire, Oxygen + Glucose -> Water + Carbon dioxide and produces energy When oxygen is not available, the body can survive on anaerobic respiration for a short period of time. Glucose -> Lactic acid + Carbon dioxide

Why do cells need oxygen and glucose?

Cells need oxygen and glucose for various processes that are necessary for life. For example, oxygen is needed to generate ATP during cellular respiration.

How is glucose and oxygen delivered to the cells?

The red blood cells carry the oxygen around, and the white blood cells protects the body for sickness. The reason why we need glucose, is for the digestive system, the digestive system takes out the glucose from the food and the small intestines absorbs it. Oxygen is need for the respiratory system, basically it brings in oxygen that is diffused in the avioli. The cardiovascular system transports the energy that has now been made to the place in which it is needed. Energy is made from oxygen and glucose, when they both are reacted together. Oxygen enters the body by the respiratory system and the glucose enters by the digestive system. These two system link together as it's a maths formulae for energy. When glucose and oxygen are both in the body, the cardiovascular transport it blood to the place which the blood is needed to be in the body, like the muscles. Glucose is systematically degraded into carbon dioxide and water in the presence of oxygen. The process (respiration) releases energy which is stored in the glucose molecule.

What does are body use oxygen for?

Our bodies need oxygen because every single living cell in our bodies need it for energy. The oxygen travels in our blood stream from our lungs to the cells. Cells also need food for respiration. Glucose+oxygen = energy+water vapour+ carbon dioxide

How do your cells get oxygen glucose and the raw materials that they need to respire?

Your cells get oxygen and glucose through protein channels located on their cell membrane the phospholipid bilayer surrounding a cell.

Why do body cells need a constant supply of glucose?

because they need energy. The cells break down the glucose so that they can use the energy. :')

Do cells need food and oxygen?

Food serves as a source of raw materials from which the cells of the body can synthesize new molecules, provides living things with the chemical building blocks they need to grow and reproduce, and as a source of energy. Oxygen is used to break down glucose in the process of cellular respiration. So yes, cells need food and oxygen. However, plant cells make their "food" (glucose) by the use of photosynthesis.

What substances do cells need for respiration?

When you become more active your cells need more oxygen and glucose, and when your body releases energy, glucose or other organic fuels in the presence of air is called aerobic respiration. aerobic respiration is in the absence of air.

Why are cells always in need of glucose and oxygen?

for metabolic activities and cellular respiration

Which cells in your body need oxygen?

All of them

Why does your heart and breathing rate change after exercise?

Because the blood carrying the oxygen round your body has to get to places in your body quickly, because the cells in your body are working harder and need more oxygen. ( oxygen + glucose(sugar) -> energy, carbon dioxide and water.)

What two ingredients are needed for your cells to carry out cellular respiration?

You need oxygen and glucose.

What three substances need to be transported into animal cells for them to survive?

Glucose, water and oxygen

Why do your muscles need oxygen?

To put it simply, almost all cells in our body require oxygen to function. Oxygen is needed for the mitochondria in our cell to produce energy. Glucose is also needed in the process of producing energy.because all cell need oxygen to get enegry

How does you body acquire the oxygen the cells in you body need to function?


Were do the red blood cells take your oxygen?

To all of the other cells of your body that need oxygen to live.

Why would a person die if they couldn't breathe oxygen?

Cells need two things to survive: oxygen and glucose. Without each of these, brain cells begin to die. If oxygen and glucose are removed completely, the damage continues and the brainstem dies.

How do body cells get the energy they need?

fat and oxygen

Why do cells in the body need oxygen?

so that they can function

What does the respiration do?

Respiration is the production of energy in mitochrondia inside cells. In order to respire, cells need Glucose and Oxygen. The waste products are Water and Carbon Dioxcide. Glucose + Oxygen --------- Carbon Dioxcide+ Water energy

How do body cells get the oxygen they need?

Oxygen is delivered to the cells by red blood cells, which contain a chemical called hemoglobin, that has the capacity to transport oxygen.

Why do plant cells need chloroplasts?

For photosynthesis, to make glucose. In the process turning CO2 into oxygen

What is important in glucose metabolism?

In the human body, cells mostly need glucose to function properly. Through glucose metabolism, our cells will be ensured the much needed glucose supply, which our body provides. What this process does, is converting the glucose fuel into a form of energy in order to utilize human cells. Through series of processes, our body cells will gain the fuel it needs to utilize or repair itself.

What substances does the body need for exercising?

The body needs oxygen and glucose when exercising. Glucose is found in our food and contains energy. These substances are transported around the body by the blood.