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Why do children go to school?


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First answer: The reason children go to school is to prepare them for life; to give them the tools they need to make it in life.

Second answer: Many reasons. First and foremost education. You really can't have a society advance if each generation has to re-invent language and math etc. Secondly socialization. You can get education from your parents via homeschooling, but you lose the social aspect. Learning to get along with peers and adults (authority). There are ways that homeschooling can cover those topics, but it is harder.

Third answer: Children go to school in order to learn the basic things that are required to succeed and earn a living in life. For some this is limited to simple reading and writing and basic understanding of numbers. For others this requires a large amount of knowledge such as knowledge of biology if the person wanted to work in a biological related field when they were older.


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