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Q: Why do children need love and security?
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What is most important for growing child?

Emotionally, children most need security, love, and limits / discipline.Physically, children most need safety and food. Mentally, children most need guidance and structure, with support for their creativity.

What christian rules does children in need follow?

To Love God and to Love their neighbor.

What are JLS' songs on the children in need single?

1. Love You More 2. You Got My Love

What are facts about children in need?

they need food water a home and clothes plus they need money and love

Who typically receives social security(I need an answer by tonight at 10:00)?

old age ,children

Why would a step mother need the step children's social security numbers when their father has died in Arizona?

She may need to supply that information to Social Security if she has applied for benefits for herself or for the children. The person who supplied the children's information should have asked the reason. See related links provided below.

Are children people you get love from or give love to?

I would say Both... Children give you love and they need you to love them back... But first I would say the only way they would love you is if you are a great example to them and if you show that you really love them and they will love back...

What is the name of the single that JLS released for children in need?

Love you more

Which song did JLS release for 2010 children in need?

Love You More

how did Mary show love?

Mary showed her love by educating children for free even if they did or didn't need it

How does the democrats feel about social security?

If they are on it they love it. If they are super rich and will never need it, they love it. If they want to steal from the pool of money to spend it on something else, they love it. But they don't want to pay for it or give it to people who need it.

What song did JLS release for last year's Children In Need?

Love you more :)