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Why do christians celabrate ChristmaS?

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What do Christians celabrate?

Christians celebrate , Easter and Christmas among others

How do Aztecs celabrate Christmas?

They didn't! Christmas is a christian festival and the Aztecs weren't christians

When does Italy celabrate Christmas?

December 25th

Why do you celabrate Christmas?

To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

How does europe celebrate Christmas?

I live in Germany and they celabrate christmas like crazy

What activities and game do Indian people do on Christmas?

umm do they even celabrate christmas

How do bosnians celabrate Christmas?

Bosnians actually do not celebrate Christmas because most of them are Muslims

Does Justin Bieber celabrate Christmas?

Yes he does. He is also a Christian!!

Does Hawaii celabrate Christmas?

The state of Hawaii does celebrate Christmas. Native Hawaiians did not celebrate Christmas before Christianity was introduced by missionaries.

Does china celabrate christmas?

Only as a formality like we do chinese new year.

What holidays are celebrated for Cheyenne Indian?

they celabrate thanksgiving and christmas because they belive in god

How does New York City celebrate Christmas?

They Celabrate like evey other person does ......

Why does the ghost of Christmas present bring Scrooge to a bleak and dessert Moore?

To emphisies thatminers digging in the bowels of the earth celabrate Christmas

Do Jews celabrate christmas?

no, they dont believe jesus is the Son of God, so his birthday has no meaning to them

How do Christians celebrate Christmas?

Christians celebrate Christmas by starting with a prayer

Why does Germany have Christmas?

Germany has Christmas because some People in Germany are Christians and Christians celebrate Christmas

What is special for Christians to celebrate Christmas?

Christians celebrate Christ's birthday on Christmas.

Do christians celebrate christmas?

Christians do celebrate Christmas every year. Christmas is the yearly celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is on December 25.

Why do the English celebrate Christmas?

England is a secular country which has many Christians. Christians celebrate Christmas.

Does Holland celebrate Christmas?

Christians around the world celebrate Christmas. This includes Christians in Holland.

How important is Christmas to Christians?

Christmas is a very important time for Christians because Jesus was a Christian and on Christmas he was said to be born and also the Christians got out of Rome cause they were being torched

How christians celebrate Christmas?

There is no one way Christians celebrate Christmas. It is up to the individual to decide how to do that. Most Christians go to Church on Christmas Day and spend the day with friends and family

Why do Mexican people celebrate Christmas?

Most Mexican people are Christians, and most Christians celebrate Christmas.

How do Christians celebrate Christmas around the world?

Christians celebrate Christmas just as we do around the world there is no difference

Who celibrates Christmas?

Christmas was origanally celebrated only by Christians but it is now celebrated by non- Christians as well.