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Well, all the Christians I know wear clothes from the Gap and Pac Sun.

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Q: Why do christians wear special clothes?
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Why christian wear special clothes?

Well, all the Christians I know wear clothes from the Gap and Pac Sun.

Do Buddhists wear different clothes than Christians?

In general lay Buddhists and Christians wear the same or similar clothes whereas ordained Buddhist and Christians wear different clothes.

Do you wear special clothes when you go on a pilgrimage?

No you don't have to wear special clothes on a pilgrimage

What do Jews Christians and Hindus wear at a funeral?

jews wear their traditional cap & white clothes similar to robes, while Hindus also wear white colored clothes. Christians wear black clothes however.

What kind of clothes do Christians wear?

christians wear and eat the same thing canadians and Americans do and many more.

Why don't Jews wear special clothes?

For the same reason that Canadians don't wear special clothes. Why should they?

Do people have to wear special clothes on the hajj journey?

Yes! They have to wear white clothes.

Do Filipino's wear special clothes for Christmas?

Yes they do! They wear traditional clothes!

Do you have to wear special clothes for being an author?


What are the special clothes soldiers wear?


Hindus wear special clothes when?

Hindus were special clothes at events e.g. festivals weddigs etc...

Do hindus wear special clothes at Diwali?

As per the norms people usually wear new clothes on Diwali.