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clothes dry even when it's not hot because of evaporation. The air holds moister. when a piece of clothing for example, is wet all the water that used to be there is now in the air. When it is cold, it will take a lot longer for this process to happen. cold air does not retain water very well so your shirt will stay wet if the air is too cold to hold the evaporated water.

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Q: Why do clothes dry even when its not hot?
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How do tumble dryers dry wet clothes?

They blow hot dry air through the clothes as they tumble inside the drum of the drier.

Will hot water shrink cotton work gloves?

Air dry your cotton gloves (and clothes) even when washed with warm/hot water. Dry items away from direct sunlight or heat. Best dried at room temperature in a shaded area.

Why do sailors need dry clothes?

Wet clothes can produce hypothermia even in warmer temperatures. If they do not have dry clothes, it can create uncomfortable rashes and can cause sickness.

Why wet clothes dry faster on a hot day than on a cold day?

Because its a hot day init

Why do clothes dry on a line?

because the weather is mostly hot, so the hot weather will heat up the clothing.

Why do wet clothes on a washing line dry faster on a hot day than a cold day?

Because on got day there is less moisture in air so, the clothes dry faster on a hot day than a cool day.

How does clothes out a dryer behave?

They behave well, happily unless you dry them too hot.

How To Shrink Jeans?

Hot water wash, Hot dry cycle. Maybe even over dry them a little.

How does an automatic clothes dryer dry your clothes?

An automatic clothes dryer uses hot air to evaporate moisture from wet clothes. The hot air is generated by a heating element and is circulated inside the drum to absorb the moisture. The warm, damp air is then vented outside while dry air continues to circulate inside the drum to dry the clothes.

How do you hang clothes out on the line effectively?

With clothes pins or you risk the clothes falling on the ground. You need a warm, breezy day for clothes to dry quickly or "effectively". Make sure that the clothing is spread out or it will not dry. Note: Clothing will dry somewhat even in freezing weather, but you will have to finish drying in a clothes dryer.

Why does Hotter temperatures evaporate liquids faster?

eg. Wet clothes on a washing line dry faster on a hot day that on a cold day. On a hot day the clothes will dry faster the warmer it is. The water in the wet clothes evaporate quicker. Heat helps the process of evaporation because heat spreads out particles

Why do wet clothes dry faster on a hot day than on a cold day?

The moisture from the clothing evaporates, taking surface heat with it and thereby cooling the skin.