Why do cops get free donuts?


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They do not get free donuts.

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probibly not. Some cops might be alergic or just not like em.

Yes some cops eat donuts and others do not. Just like some humans eat donuts while others do not.

For the same reason many non-cops eat donuts, because they're a quick snack, they're tasty and they're cheap. The reason why cops gained the donut-eater reputation is because they frequently visit donut shops where they would often get free or cheap coffee to talk over. If a place gave you free stuff, wouldn't you go there often too?Because they taste delicious!

YES, Donuts are made from wheat, but there are gluten free donuts out there.

My Mom is da 5 0 and yea she gets free donuts in my hood

Dunkin' Donuts oatmeal is not gluten-free. Dunkin' Donuts research team is looking into making all of their products with a gluten-free option.

To figure how many donuts they can buy before next payday ~!

Probably not. Just include some donuts for the cops.

One each (unless they're American cops )

donuts do have gluten unless it is titled gluten free Try Kinnikinnik brand for Donuts. They are very good.

Free Donut from

To be free is like you can do anything on a track for example:doing Donuts.

Yes, Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins are peanut free. The only allergens that they do contain are eggs, milk, soy and wheat.

I think that cops who are fat can't help them selves not eat when they are sitting in a car 24/7 and have nothing else to do but to go to the drive threw and order all the donuts they can stuff in to there fat mouths

There are no cops, your free to do what you want. However, the Mounties will chase you. You can find out how many there are when you do somthing ilegal, eh?

First make Homer play with his myPad then tap him repeatedly tap and you'll unlock 10 donuts and a statue.

I looked up the same question because I am having symptoms as if I have had gluten, but I saw all dunkin donuts coffee flavored and unflavored are gluten free.

Locate donut store willing to give out free donuts and coffee to police officers. Send the youngest officer over there for donuts. When he comes back eat the donuts and drink the coffee.

Contrary to popular belief, not all cops are fat. Many do not sit in their cars drinking coffee and eating donuts. In the radio room they answer calls and dispatch officers to the scene. When they arrive the cops quickly asses the situation and stop the problem. If it is severe, then the S.W.A.T team may be called in to end the situation with more force.

no your just realty stupied

many types of donuts are glazed , donuts with sprinkles , chocolate donuts , cinnamon donuts, vanilla donuts and more

If you choose to have cops on, then yes the police will pursue you if you commit a crime.

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