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Why do corporations operate as the core of the US economy?

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The US has a capitalistic economy that is based on business innovation and competition. Corporations are the ones that drive a capitalist economy.not helpful

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How did corporations and banking help the US economy to expand?

because of the light in asi

In the US economy today the vast bulk of the producing capability is owned by what type of business organization?


What was an effect of the rapid industrialization of the US in the last half of the 19th century?

The economy was increasingly controlled by big corporations

The economy of the US is a what?

the economy of the us is a

Which type economy does the US have?

The US has an open economy. This type of economy has a capitalist nature.

What are the early origins of corporations in the US?

i dont no

What monopoly corporations exist in the US?


Which of these are issued by corporations and us government?


What are issued by corporations and the us government?


How did the US economy operate during the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War, the economy of the Northern states flourished as they supplied arms, ammunition and other supplies needed for fitting their soldiers. For the most part, no areas of the Northern economy were in danger from Southern military forces. Northern farmland crops continued to be exported to Europe as well. Mostly this was wheat.In a manner of speaking, the US economy in the civil war had the same advantages it had in WW 1 and WW 2.

Is US a free market economy?

The Us is a Mixed economy

What economy is the US?

Capitalistic economy.

How do government corporations differ from other corporations in the US?

Their workers are All public employees

What economic systems does US use?

The US of A has a mixed economy - a combination of market economy and command economy.

What economy does the US have?

at the time the US has a market/free enterprise economy

What is the economy of the Southeast region of the US?

economy of southeast region of the us

Is US a capitalist economy or mixed economy?

capitalist economy

What corporations do not support the US Troops?

Many non-US ones will not be supporting them.

How many multinational corporations in US?

7500 7500

What percentage of US Taxes do corporations pay?


How many people employed by US corporations?


Why did Canada choose a mixed economy?

Why did Canada choose a mixed economy? 1980 US president, Ronald Reagan, supported less government in the economy to reduce government spending and regulation of corporations. Canadian prime minister, Brian Mulroney, fallowed Reagan's example and fought for the shift right (less government involvement in the economy) in the economy in 1984. Ever since than there has been shift lefts and shift rights everywhere. therefore, Canada is a Mixed economy :)

What is the cost of borrowing for large us corporations?

When corporations borrow money they usually borrow from investors. When they do this, they are selling pieces of their business.

What is the difference between US economy and Cuba's economy?

The US has a modified free market economy where most economic decisions are made by the private sector subject to public policy concerns such as zoning, pollution control, workplace safety, etc. Cuba has a central or 'command' economy where nearly all economic decisions are made by the government; some very small private businesses are allowed to operate, such as barbers, auto repair, etc.

Is the US economy a Mixed Economy?