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Why do elephant seals have long trunks?


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Elephant seals have their trunks to make a weird call and for a couple other things.

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Yes, all elephant seals have trunks.

They are called elephant seals because they have long noses like a regular elephant.

In both species of elephant seals, the mature males have large probosces (noses) which resemble small trunks. They use them to amplify their mating calls and for display.

elephant seals have long trunks up to there mouth just like an elephant itself (only males have these trunks, NOT FEMALES). They are huge sea mammals that can hold there breath up to 120 minutes under water. They have few preditors and have big teeth just like it's body. Sea mammals are one of the biggest sea mammals.They are gray and have flippers to!

Elephant seals can't breathe under water at all. when they dive, they hold their breath.

Elephant seals do not have gills. They have lungs.

Because elephant seals are gray.

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Killer wales eat elephant seals

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Elephant seals only have two predators. The primary natural predator of elephant seals are great white sharks. Elephant seals are also prey to killer whales known as orcas.

Elephant seals are 5 metres long. They are the biggest seals in the world.They also weigh 4 tonnes which is heaps. When their chest is off the ground and their stretching up towards the sky they are up to a mans shoulder which is so big.

If the animal is an elephant, then it has a trunk((:Or: If this animal had trunks, it would be an elephant.

Southern elephant seals have a gestation period of 11.3 months.

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No. If you google pics of elephant seals, you will notice that they do not have tusks. Walruses have them, however.

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By using there trunks, this is done by taking long breach's and putting it there mouth then using their tongue to strip it.

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though there trunks and maybe mouths

up to 3 feet long and 1 foot high

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