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Employers need social security cards to make sure you can work in the US. If the employer is caught having an employee who isn't a citizan than they can get into a lot of trouble. Social Security cards and Visas are a way to see that they are following the law.

they need your SSN to make sure you are working legally & they also need ot for Identification for your income taxes

Social Secuirty has a free Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) which allows registered employers to quickly verify whether a person's name and SSN match Social Security's records. It saves you and the employee time. So employers do not actually need your card or a copy they can use this system free of charge to ensure your ability to work.

For more information about SSNVS visit Employer W-2 Filing Instructions & Information. Learn more about the New Security Features of the Social Security Card.

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Q: Why do employers need social security cards?
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Do employers need a social security card from all employees?

Employers in the US must obtain the Social Security Number of each person they employ, whether US citizen or resident alien holding a Green Card.

Why do prepaid cards need social security?

Prepaid cards, like the Visa Vision Premier prepaid card for example, requires a valid social security number because it's required by government regulations.

Is it legal for my parents not to give me my social security card?

There is nothing 'illegal' about your parents not giving you your social security card. If you are a minor, your parents have the legal authority to make most all decisions concerning many areas. Why do you need your social security card? These cards serve no purpose, and cannot be used as a form of ID. Duplicate social security cards can be applied for at any social security office.


When filing an unemployment claim,you will need indentification including your social security number and details for your last 3 employers

Do I need a Social Security number?

If you are going to work in the United States, you need a Social Security number.

Does a martial art school need your social security number?

If the school is your employer, and they are taking out Social Security taxes from your pay check then, yes they need your social security.

do I now have to pay for replacement Social Security cards?

Replacement cards for lost, stolen or damaged Social Security cards are free. There are "services" that charge you, then they get the card for you for free, but there's no need to pay. This site all the info: You can also stop into the local Social Security office to pick up and/or drop off an application for a replacement card

What Birth certificates social security cards and driver's licenses are all examples of that you might need to provide during the job application process.?


How can I get an apartment on social security?

I need an apartment but I need assistance with rent. Is housing available for someone with social security?

Reissue Social Security Card?

A social security card is one of the most important documents a person has. Individuals need these important documents for most life activities including working, applying for credit and receiving government benefits. Employers may not legally allow a person to work unless he or she can provide a social security card for verification. Government agencies also may not issue benefits to people without these cards. Parents generally apply for their children's social security cards shortly after their birth. In some cases, individuals may wait until their 18th birthdays to make applications. When a person loses an original social security card, that person will have to apply for a reissue social security card. The process of applying for a replacement social security card is not difficult, but it does require certain documentation. The first step a person has to take to obtain a reissue social security card is gathering identifying documents. He or she will need to prove his or her identity. A driver's license is an acceptable form of proof or obtaining a new social security card. A license has the person's picture on it. In addition, most people have to turn in important documents in order to receive a license in the first place. Passports and state issued identification cards are also acceptable for the same reasons. If the applicant cannot locate such documents, he or she will have to gather several alternate identifying documents. Some documents that may help to establish identity are health insurance cards, life insurance policies, school identification cards, medical records, military identification cards and government identification cards. After the applicant gathers his or her documents, he or she must make out an application with the Social Security Administration for a reissue social security card. Applicants have the option of applying in person or by mail. The paper application will ask for details such as birth name, previous social security number, place of birth, ethnicity, sex, mother's name at birth, father's name at birth and signature. The Social Security Administration will usually issue the applicant proof of application for employers and government organizations. The applicant will receive an official card within two weeks.

Will an interim work permit authorization give you a Social Security number?

No. You would need to apply at the Social Security Administration for a social security number.

Where is the social security office in Toronto?

I need an address for my local Social Security Office in toronto

If your fiancee claimed your kids what documents do you send in for the IRS to release his money?

send a letter telling the IRS he is head of household and you will not be claiming your kids on your taxes. you will probably need to give them your social security number, then you will need to make copies of their social security cards to be sent in with his IRS forms

If you lost North Carolina's Social Security can you get it from a New York Social Security office?

Social Security is a Federal program, not administered by the states. Any Social Security office can provide you with the information/services you need.

Do you have to have a social security number to insure a car?

You dont need a social security number to insure a car but you need a social security number to do almost everything else. Most of the time babies are issued a ss #.

Birth certificates social security cards and driver's licenses are all examples of that you might need to provide during the job application process.?


Where is your local social security office?

I need an address for my local Social Security Office in Herkimer, NY

What is the Number Of Social Security in StatesboroGa?

I Need the number and address of the Social Security office in Statesboro, Georgia.

Do you need a social security number in order to get a driver's license in Ohio?

Yes, you need a social security number to get a driver's license in Ohio.

How do i get a person's social security number?

You need to get that person and take them to the DPS for a new social security card. Getting a persons social security without their permission is illegal.

How do i get a social security card replacement card with felonies?

Felonies have nothing to do with having a Social Security card. Contact the Social Security office. They will need your birth certificate.

Why do you need id cards?

it is for identification and for security purposes.

How can you your social security number?

You can visit your local Social Security office to apply for or get a replacement Social Security Card. You will need to have your birth certificate and a picture ID to get a replacement card.

Can someone get a license for a motorcycle if your not legal in the US?

NO. You would need a valid Social Security Number. NO. You would need a valid Social Security Number.

Can you get social security for a child who had lead poisoning?

You need to contact the Social Security Disability Department for questions like this.

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