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This is more of a scare tactic, if people leave out the references then the employer would assune that they are not very good. so most people will not apply if there references are not good. its just another way of cutting down on applicants.If you do put references the employer is still not allowed to contact them without contacting yourself first. To show legitimacy. Also true its a scare tactic. Basically it also shows you can get along with them even if you leave.

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2008-09-10 10:01:45
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Q: Why do employers require references on job applications?
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Personal references other than friends on job applications?

Most references should be professional references unless otherwise asked for. They can be: employers vendors customers distributors suppliers Someone who has worked with you and can vouch for your skills/experience on the job.

How many references d most application form require?

For job applications, three or four in my experience.

Which of these is not a reason many employers require applicants to complete job applications at the workplace?

employers want to make sure that they get back every application they give out

How long do employers have to keep job applications in Oregon?

There is not a law that states how long employers must keep job applications. Many employers keep them for about one year.

In what capacity is the applicant known to you?

Many job applications require the applicant to state how long they have known their references. This allows the interviewer to know what references can give feedback on a person that is accurate.

What is the best definition of the public job market?

the market where employers publicly advertise their job vacancies and employees submit Job Applications

How long do employers in Wisconsin have to keep job applications?

Employers in Wisconsin have to keep job applications on file for at least one year. This is due to federal law, not state law.

Why do employers ask for race on job applications?

Affirmative Action.

Why do applicants use references when they are seeking a new job?

to help convince employers to hire them

Do most employers accept online applications?

in todays current world of online based job searching as well as any other form of communication, most job and employers will accept online applications for anyone seeking a job inside

What is the definition of the public job market?

The market where employers publicly advertise their job vacancies and employees submit job applications

What are the five categories of information that are included on job applications?

Categories on job applications include contact information, job history, and references. Applications may also include availability and education. There will also be a certification at the end of the application.

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