Why do farmers use windmills?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Most usually as in the past, to pump well water to irrigate their fields with. Holland is a good example with the way they pump water out of the swamps.
However, only recently, here in Wyoming a local farm installed a bunch of wind mills to generate electricity with & get paid by the power companies.
They don't realize that all actions have subsequent reactions. To burn oil is to create smoke. To install windmills will, as they will eventually find out, will slow the wind & slow the rotation of the Earth.
Overpopulation is the problem, not the answer.

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Q: Why do farmers use windmills?
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Farmers on the Great Plains were aided by what?

by the windmills

What did US farmers use to pump groundwater to the surface?

Farmers used wind energy, the wind mills also pumped water as their blades swung.

What did farmers begin to use for advancements during the middle ages?

Farmers used the following advancements during the Middle Ages: windmills, crop rotation, and iron plows.

What energy is used in windmills?

Windmills use wind energy.

What do windmills use to get energy?

err....yea.... windmills use wind, clue is in the title

Do windmills use biofuels?

Ummm . . . windmills use the wind to keep them turning. No biofuels are involved.

Where are windmills being used today?

I am doing giant windmills in class today and I just wondered if you could answer my question for me? This is my question: 'are giant windmills used anywhere already' thankyou!!!!!! As far as I know the biggest in use now is rated at 2 megawatts

How did the windmill change the way of life on the Great Plain?

There is little rainfall on the Great Plain. Farmers had trouble raising crops without plenty of available water. Windmills powered water pumps that drew water up into storage tanks. Many farmers in the western states still use windmills to pump water because they do not rely on electricity.

Why were windmills important in the great plains?

they helped farmers retrieve water from deep water aquifers

What farming techniques helped farmers adapt to dry environment in the west?

They built windmills and plows

What is the symbolism of windmills in don quixote?

Windmills were used to power wool factories. The spread of sheep farming for wool was displacing peasant farmers in much of Europe and Spain. The Don is defending the poor and the past. The windmills symbolise the big business titans of his times.

What farming techniques specifically helped farmers adapt to the dry environmental in the west?

They built windmills and plows