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Q: Why do features in Saturns atmosphere appear to be fainter and more washed out than comparable features in Jupiters atmosphere?
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How are the rings of Saturn are different from the rings of Jupiter?

jupiters rings are bigger than Saturns.

How can Saturns atmosphere?

it has very heavy atmosphere

What gases are in Saturns atmosphere?


Is Saturns atmosphere bigger than Earths?


What is the largest of Saturns moons?

Saturns two largest moons are Titan and Rhea

What makes Saturns atmosphere?

Mostly hydrogen and helium.

What are saturns special features?

that is extremely awesome

How dence is saturns atmosphere?

0.69 g/cm^3

What major gases make up saturns atmosphere?

hydrogen and helium

What is Saturns's atmosphere like?

Cloudy and cold. It is mainly hydrogen and helium.

How does saturns size and atmosphere compare to earth?

it is bigger, much bigger. The atmosphere is different because of the gases that compose it.

Would saturns atmosphere crush people?

yes because it has thick atmosphere and because of it's extreme gravity