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yes and no. heres why-

first of all everyone, no matter the sex, is both inherently different, and raised differently. rate of maturity is based upon both an inborn predisposition to it and the nurturing they got in the direction therein from whomever was responsible for raising them (and that means both parental figures, and the society in which they came up in).

but that doesnt really answer much, definitively.

i make the point because what our (if you are talking American) society deems as "mature" may in fact be a misnomer. because while girls have a tendancy to get alot of what are more classically defined as mature qualities earlier on, they do still have alot of things they will most likely be immature in for a very long time.

how many women still stay with abusive and overbearing men, just because they arent emotionally stable enough to realize they would be better off alone? not very mature, if you ask me.

males, however, are very typically considered immature by our societal standards. but that doesnt neccicarily hold true, because our definition of maturity undermines the inherent wild nature of a man. we think of little boys who don't want to sit in a classroom and learn figures and dates and whatnot as immature. that's not the case usually at all, it is merely them not wanting to be caged. we as men are warriors at heart. we love doing, typically. why would we be interested in the concepts of "x" if we could be out fighting our "battles"?

but we are told that our disires for adventure are wrong and immature, because there is book learning to be had!

education is not the only place where this sort of emasculation happens.

in short, as far as what we consider on a societal level to be mature, females mature faster. but i believe both mature at the same overall rate, it just may be in different areas of themselves.


Edit by someone else:

Well, I stumbled to this page after wanting to confirm the phrase i said about "females maturing faster than males" in some chat program.

I am editing this post instead of discussing it because I feel lazy to register in order to do so.

It is quite true about the part that "females maturing faster than males" does depend of various factors so it is hard to determine. Factors including genes, environment where the person grows up, lifestyle, etc. And finally how you define "maturity" itself.

Taking a deeper thought to "females maturing faster than males", I can see it is a stereotype and it is not true all the time. But at least we can say that it is true since stereotypes happen to be true at least more than 50% of the times. (I mean for comparing a male and female of the same age and ethnicy at the very least). And when I say maturity, i mean physical not mental. Mental maturity is really hard to calculate since it really has to do with personalities.

One last comment to the original poster if by any chance gets to read this again. What does battles and cages have to do with "females maturing faster than males"? And more over, why "battles" and "bloodshed"! I agree with the fact that we males want to be more adventurous and fight but "warriors heart". It just sound a little immature. (>.<)

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no not really. Girls can star puberty from an early age of 9 to an older age of 16.

boys are the same way. although it is different for both genders, you will eventually go through puberty.

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Q: Why do females start puberty earlier than males?
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At what age does a teenager stop getting taller?

There is no specific age a teenager will stop getting taller. One factor is your gender, females tend to go through puberty a lot earlier than males. Males enter puberty about the time they become a teenager, some females will start before 13 years of age. It also depends on the individual and their genetics because even though the average female starts puberty earlier than males, there are always females out there who sometimes are still going through puberty in their early twenties.

When Do Kids Develop Puberty?

Kids start puberty in different ages. Males start at the age of 12-13. while females start at the age of 11-12

When do mexicans start puberty?

The average age is 11-13 years in females. In males it si 12-15 years.

Can you start puberty early?

Yes, some boys start puberty earlier than average, and some start later. Puberty normally begins between the age of 9 and 13.

Why is it in middle school think about sex?

That's a very good question. Majority of Middle Schoolers (7 and 8th Graders) hit puberty at their age. The average age for hitting puberty for Females are 9 and for Males is 12. During the time, males start to develope Sperm and Testosterome [a craving of sexual intercourse].

How old does a female have to be to get on her period?

Females can start having their periods once they start puberty. Puberty usually starts between the ages of 9 and 13.

How do guys hit puberty?

They hit puberty around age 13. Some males can hit it earlier, some later. I personally hit it when I just turned 12. I'm not sure what you mean by "how", though. It relatively the same as females, as the sex hormones are going wild. In boys, the testicles start growing and doing their two main functions: Producing hormones and sperm. The male foreskin will also start to enlarge. A well-known feature of puberty is the Adams apple and the lowering of the males voice from high pitched to low pitched. At the end of puberty, the boy (or man at this point) will have much heavier bones and twice as heavier skeletal muscles.

How can boys make puberty start earlier?

You can't. You will start puberty when you are ready. If you're concerned, talk to your dad. Don't be embarrassed to ask questions!

What is the earliest sign of puberty in boys and girls?

Puberty for girls usually begins around 11 to 13-years-old but can begin earlier. Puberty for boys usually begins around 12 to 14-years-old but can be earlier or later. The cycle of puberty usually lasts between 3 and 5 years.

All clams start out as males or female?

All clams start out as males first. Some decide to become females at some point in their lives.

Why did you start your period early?

All girls are different. Some start puberty earlier than others.

What hormone starts puberty in females?

GnRH released from the hypothalamus triggers the start of puberty in females.