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When a ferret is amused, frisky and playful they will do a "dance of joy" in which they will leap in the air, jump, twist and turn. It is also an indication that your ferret is feeling well.

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Q: Why do ferrets jump?
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How high can ferrets jump?

how high do ferrets jumps

Is it possible to jump up in roatate and roll?

no many cats ferrets can do it

Do chinchillas move like ferrets?

No, Chinchillas movements are a hopping gait and can jump up to 5 feet.

Are ferrets Hyper?

It depends on how old the ferret is...Young Ferret: Young ferrets are more hyper than older ferrets. Young ferrets sleep a lot, but when let out of the cage, they jump around and like to get into things. Despite being so hyper, ferrets are best trained to stay calm when they're young. Encouraging ferrets to be held at a young age usually makes older ferrets more content with being held.Old Ferret: Older ferrets can still be hyper, but if at taught at a young age, can happily cuddle and even sleep in your arms.

Is it normal for ferrets to jump on each other during weasel war dances?

It's part of the ferrets playing. A ferret doing the weasel war dance has the tendency to jump or bump into anything without regard to what's around them. It is the ferrets natural behavoir expressing exuberance and happiness when they are playing. I like to play with my ferret on the bed and sometime he will weasel war dances right off the bed (it doesn't hurt him)

What are ferrets bred with?

Ferrets are only bred with other ferrets

What is the collective term for a group of ferrets?

The collective term for a group of ferrets is a "a business of ferrets" or "a cast of ferrets".

Are panda ferrets smaller then other ferrets?

Panda ferrets the same as other ferrets, just the coloring is different.

Do ferrets have a ribcage?

Ferrets do have a ribcage

Are ferrets threatened?

No, ferrets are not threatened.

Do ferrets teeth?

No. Ferrets ear.

Where do ferrets hibernate?

Ferrets do not hibernate.

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