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Why do forensic scientists use microscopes?

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What microscopes do forensic scientists use?

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What tools do forensic scientists use to study evidence?

Forensic scientists use tools like microscopes, hair readers, and chemical readers to evaluate evidence from a crime.

What microscopes do forensic laboratory analysts use?

what sort of jobs use microscopes what sort of jobs use microscopes

What does rabbit DNA look like under a microscope?

You cannot see DNA under a regular microscope. But there are very special microscopes that forensic scientists use.

What types of scientists use a magnifying glass?

Forensic Scientists

What tools does a forensic scientist use?

Forensic scientists use a lot of computer technology, microscopes, and they draw what they see a lot. They also use kits for discovering finger prints, ultra violet lights or blacklights to see unknown substances on a scene (semen, saliva, blood)

What do scientists use microscopes for?

so scientists can detect smaller objects to study

How do you scientists use microscopes?

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How do forensic scientists use titration?

they dont

What do scientists use to see one celled organisms?


What types of tools do Physiologist use?

Microscopes and things scientists would use

Why do forensic scientists use chromatography?

to solve crimes

What equipment do forensic scientists use in labs?


What are forensic scientists who investigate murder called?

entomologists, forensic scientists, forensic psychologists

Why do scientist use electrons for microscopes instead of light?

Scientists use electron microscopes rather than electron microscopes due to the cause of electron microscopes are better at looking deeper into the object you want to see.

What equipment do scientists use?

There are many pieces of equipment that scientists use such as microscopes. Scientists will also use chemical equipment like flasks or Bunsen burners.

How do forensic scientists use toxicology?

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What are some jobs that use proportions?

-math teachers -scientists like forensic scientists -phsycoligists

What kind of tools do the forensic scientists use?

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How have microscopes helped scientists?

Microscopes were what lead to the discovery of cells!

Two tools for observation use by scientists?

microscopes, pencil paper and more

What tool did scientists use to gather observations to form the cell theory?


What kind of scientists use microscopes in their work or research?

i think a biologist or chemist

Why do scientists use micriscopes?

scientists use microscopes to examine things and look closer in to thing's more info

How do forensic scientists use tools?

they use tools to a piece of evidence so it can help them