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They have less mass than other rays. Gamma rays are basically a wave, like sound.

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Q: Why do gamma rays travel farthest through matter?
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What kind of waves travel through matter?

Sound waves and gamma rays.

A wave that does not need a medium but can go through matter?

Gamma rays can both pass through matter and travel in a vacuum.

Can gamma rays travel through empty space?

Yes, gamma waves can Travel through empty space I am just kidding! I really don't know!

How can gamma rays cause changes deep inside matter?

Atoms when Gamma rays go through them lose electrons, and Gamma rays also break bonds between atoms, these changes can damage matter.

Do gamma rays travel the speed of light?

Gamma rays travel exactly the speed of light because gamma rays are light

How far will gamma travel?

Gamma Rays will travel as long as they have energy

What can gamma rays not travel through?

Gamma rays can pretty much travel through anything because of their speed,and intense hotness.There is only 1 thing in the universe that a gamma ray cannot go through, and that is a black hole.Black holes have such an amazing gravitational pull that the black hole would just suck up the light.

What type of radiation travels furthest through matter?

cosmic , x-ray and gamma

A wave that can travel through empty space is?

You could have Gamma, ultra violate, infrared and radio

What waves don't need matter to travel through?

Electromagnetic Waves do not require a medium, or matter to move through, to transfer waves. This includes radiowaves, microwaves, infared waves, visible light waves, Ultraviolet waves, X-rays, and gamma rays.

Which of the three radioactive particles can go through matter the best?

Gamma radiation if that's what you mean.

Is it true that the three major kinds of radiation gamma rays can penetrate the farthest into a material?

Gamma rays can travel furthest into a material which is why it is emitted in a nuclear bomb blast. In a supernova gamma rays are burst out in all directions. Gamma rays are so deadly all life on Earth could be annihilated because of a single supernova from as far as 7 light years away!