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so that it's easier to locate certain areas, like instead of saying Japan, for EXAMPLE, if most people have no idea where that's at, you could say northern hemisphere, then eastern hemisphere, then 42 longitude or something. that's not the exact location I'm sure, but like i said, it's an EXAMPLE.

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to divide Earth into smaller segments to help us learn about each one

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To learn more about the world around us.

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Because there are natural divisions.

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to show it

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Q: Why do geographers divide the earth in to different continents?
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How do geographers divide the earth?

Geographers divide the earth using hemispheres.

How does geographers divide the earth into two hemispheres is along the?


What name have geographers given to the movement of the continents over millions of years?

Geographers refer to the movement of the continents over millions of years, as the plate tectonics. It basically explains the current structure of the Earth's crust, as well as other geologic phenomena.

What process caused the earth to divide into seven continents?

Continental drift.

What are the three groups that geographers divide the Earth's natural resources into?

Recyclable resources, renewable resources, and nonrenewable resources.

What are the major climate regions into which geographers divide the earth?

Tropical, Dry, Mid Latitude, High Latitude, and Highlands.

What ways can you divide the earth into physical regions?

- Time Zones - Continents - Climate Regions

Why do some mapmakers divide the eastern and western hemispheres at 20 degrees west?

Geographers divide the Earth into hemispheres so that they can navigate. This also helps them to more accurately map the Earth using longitudinal and latitudinal lines.

Why do geographers divide the world into cultural regions?

they divide the world into different cultural reasons because it helps make it easier if they group regions by language , religion,and politics.

What two things do all geographers study?

geographers study the earth, its landforms, landmarks, natural resources, and etc.

Why do geographers use maps?

Geographers use maps because that's what geographers do for a living. Geographers use maps to learn about the Earth's surface. That is their job.

How was the earth spilt into different continents long time ago?

the meteor hit earth and boom