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They were made this way. There are different colors of hybrid geraniums that have been manufactured in the lab for variety.

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What is a blue 5 petal flower called?

Violets have five petals. They can be candied and put in salads or used to decorate bakery. Geraniums have five petals. Hibiscus also have five petals.

What flowers did Mayella grow?

red geraniums

Which flowers have 5 petals?

Wild roses, geraniums, hibiscus, daylillies, buttercups - just do a google search: 5 petals and you'll pull up many more flowers. good luck, Sally

What do red geraniums symbolize in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Mayella Ewell

What were the red geraniums in To Kill a Mockingbird?

its on pages 170-171

What company has a flower logo with 3 orange petals 3 red petals and 1 red leaf?


What is the name of the red flowers seen on balconies in Venice Italy?

Probably geraniums.

When do geraniums bloom?

There are annual and perennial geraniums. The annual geraniums bloom all summer and the perennial geraniums bloom mostly in the spring.

Where do geraniums live?

geraniums live in the wild

Why do red rose petals look black when you shine green light on them?

Red rose petals reflect red light. It absorbs all other colors, including green and blue. Therfore it absorbs the green light and the petals appear black.

Why do see the petals of rose as red and the leaves as green?

The rose petals appear red because they reflect red light, and the leaves appear green because they reflect green light.

Which character in To Kill a Mockingbird is associated with red geraniums in chipped slop jars?

Mayella Ewell

What flowers does mayella Ewell grow in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Mayella grows red geraniums in her backyard.

What English rock band had the name Geraniums?


What company has a flower logo with seven green petals and one red petal?

ICQ has a flower with seven green petals and one red petal as their logo.

How can you Cross a parent who has white petals with a parent who has red petals?

Plant the two seeds in the same whole in the ground.

How do you use the word geraniums in a sentence?

I had six pots of geraniums on my windowsill.

What is the plural of geranium?

The plural of geranium is geraniums. As in "the geraniums look lovely".

What logo is a yellow daisy outlined in red?

what logo has yellow petals with a red centre

What is a popular red or pink flower in flower pots?

Geraniums and zinnias are popular flowers that are pink or red and can be found in flower pots inside or outside the home. Zinnias and geraniums are typically annuals. However, there also are perennial species of each. For example, there are two perennial types of zinnias.

What page is the red geranium in To Kill a Mockingbird mentioned on?

Red geraniums are mentioned on pages 170 and 171 in the original version book To Kill a Mockingbird.

How do you write a simile?

as [red] as [a rose] or [her cheeks were] like [petals]

How many petals does a red rose have?

It varies for every rose

Are geraniums poisonous to cats?

yes! geraniums are poisonous to cats. you may notice your cat vomiting!

The containers you bought for your geraniums were made of terra cotta?

Terra cotta containers are nice pots for Geraniums because they are inexpensive. Geraniums grow quickly and you will be changing to bigger post soon.

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