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It is possible, but it could just be that she is not receiving the right kind of arousal, romance, or stimulation. If you are the male, maybe you should communicate with her about your sex life. Ask her what she would like to do differently that might give her more pleasure. Give her the option of letting her be in control during intercourse. Pay attention to her during intercourse. Does she seem to prefer slow and rhythmic movements or fast and deep movements? Is she more traditional and just prefer missionary or does she like to try new things. Try giving her lots of foreplay and variations of foreplay. Just try to figure her out. If you are the female, then maybe you need to figure out what works best for you, by yourself. Once you have it figured out what you like through experimentation, you must communicate with your partner. Tell him what you like and what works for you. Some females are very traditional about intercourse and see it as just something that is necessary for reproduction. If none of these steps work, maybe you can see an adult counselor for the right tips.

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We do! trust me. Just like men, women don't always enjoy sex. We like it as much as you guys do though.

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Q: Why do girls not enjoy intercourse?
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