Why do guys who smoke marijuana and drink like to date girls who smoke marijuana and drink?

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2011-09-14 00:21:58

Because they need a common activity.

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Because most people who don't smoke wouldn't want to kiss someone

who does smoke. same with those who don't like the taste of

alcohol, a non drinker/smoker wouldn't want to be with someone who

does drink/smoke so the person who does those activities has to

find someone who does them too since they don't mind the taste or

smell of the other person. also people who smoke weed or drink are

more chill about life while others arent, so their morals and

interests are the same, which equals more compatibility between the



Because a couple would rather sit around smoking a blunt then

doing something with a non-smoker.


Third answer is win. It all has to do with common interests,

same with anything.

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