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Most hotel room Bibles are placed there by members of the Gideons, International, a group of Christian individuals (usually businessmen) who distribute Bibles to hotel rooms, hospitals, and, in the past, schools. (School distribution has been restricted recently due to court rulings invoking the "Establishment Clause" of the Constitution.) See the Related Link, "History of the Gideon Bible," to the left for more information.

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Q: Why do hotel rooms have Bibles?
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Why do they put bibles in hotel rooms?

To spread Christianity.

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It is my understanding that the Bibles are placed in hotel rooms, not by the hotels, but rather, by missionaries. The reason is so that it will be there in time of need, for anyone who happens to be there. Also, so that a bored traveler may come across the Word of God while passing time. If a hotel guest takes the Bible, they should be considered "in need" of the Bible, and the missionaries purpose was served.

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Well, that would be stealing, so my guess is no. Stealing is wrong, and it is especially wrong to take a Bible.

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